Alvin & the Chipmunks

Season 9 Episode 0

A Chipmunk Christmas

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Dec 25, 1981 on NBC



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    • (only shown on the C.D. version)
      Alvin: Dave, I've been asking for that hula hoop for years. I would like to ask for something new, like roller skates, or a new stereo. But I've just got to get that hula hoop first! Please, Dave? I feel I've been very patient!
      David: Alvin, just finish the song. We'll talk about it later.

    • Dave: (after Alvin sadly sings nearly off-key in the Chipmunk Song) Well?!
      Alvin: I'll tell you what, Dave. Let's take a break.
      Dave: "Take a break"?!
      Alvin: Gee, thanks, Dave!
      (he zips away)
      Dave: Alvin!

    • Chipmunks: (singing) Christmas shopping all day long is fun...
      Alvin: When Dave is nowhere near.
      Chipmunks: Oh Christmas time, Christmas time!

    • Alvin: Working on Christmas vacation? It's criminal!
      Dave: It's just a recording session, Alvin.
      Alvin: It's work.

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