Alvin & the Chipmunks

Season 3 Episode 12

Every Chipmunk Tells a Story

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 19, 1985 on NBC

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  • Dave finds his piano all smashed up and "Goop" inside it. When he demands his "boys" explain what happened, they each have different accounts.

    This is one of my favorite AATC eppies, bar none! It starts with Dave coming home and finding his piano all smashed to pieces and "Goop" inside it. Alvin, Theodore & Simon all have their own accounts on what happened.

    Theodore's story has him mixing up a bowl of rice pudding ("It was for you, Dave."), when Simon and Alvin dare Theodore to balance the bowl of pudding mix on his head while walking out of the kitchen ("What are you, chicken?"). Then Simon and Alvin make Theo balance the bowl of pudding mix into the living room, blindfolded and walking backwards. Then poor Theo has to do it on tiptoe, he stumbles and the pudding mix falls into the piano. In this story, Theodore is the innocent one while Simon and Alvin are total bullies! Perhaps that mindset is the result of always getting caught in the middle of Alvin & Simon's fights.

    Simon's story has him happily reading while Alvin and Theodore are bored. Simon tells them to read a nice book, causing Theodore to say "phooey" and goes off to fool around in the kitchen, against Dave's wishes. Simon offers Alvin his copy of 101 Ways to Stay Out Trouble. Alvin goes off in a huff and starts throwing board games at Simon saying he's had it with games. Then Alvin kicks over a roller skate, causing Simon (who is balancing a pile of board games) to fall down. Finally Alvin starts waving a hockey stick, Simon tells Alvin to see what Theo is doing in the kitchen ("Won't that be fun?"). Simon comes into the kitchen to find it a mess, and Theo balancing the bowl of pudding mix on his head. "Beat that Alvin", says Theodore, "Too easy", Alvin retorts. Theodore, goaded by Alvin, balances the bowl of pudding mix into the living room backwards with his eyes shut, despite Simon's protests. Alvin dares Theodore to do it "on your tippy-toes". And...well you know. Of the three stories, Simon's one is, at least I think, is the closest to the truth.

    Finally, Alvin is next. Dave tells Alvin he already knows about how the pudding got in the piano. Alvin asks Dave if he knows how the piano got upstairs. Dave says no, and that prompts Alvin to tell his tale.

    Alvin's tale starts with him happily doing his homework. Then he hears a splat. "Simon, Theodore!" cries Alvin who rushes into the living room to see the pudding in the piano. Alvin laments about the awful thing that had happened ("We know that you little pipsqueak!" snorts Theodore) Simon says that he and Theo will get rid of the piano and "then no one will know", laughing evilly. Alvin goes to call Dave, but is tackled by Simon and Theodore. Next scene has Alvin tied up trying to reach the phone, he falls onto the phone and yells into the receiver that he must speak to Dave ("It's a matter requiring urgent parental guidance!"). Just as Simon discovers Alvin, Theodore cries out in frustration as he is hosing the piano. Alvin, freeing himself, reminds Theo that that was the pudding mix that says "just add water". Alvin turns off the hose and Theo laments that the piano is not just "filled with pudding mix, it's filled with pudding." Simon then announces that he has created "another of my brilliant formulas", up in his bedroom lab, he pours the concoction into an elaborate setting of tubes and the formula drips out to dissolve the blob of pudding underneath. Alvin reminds Simon and Theodore that they can't move that tubing upstairs and they can't move the piano downstairs. Simon and Theodore respond by moving the piano while Alvin tries yet again to call Dave, only to have the piano roll over the phone, crushing it. Alvin then helps his brothers try to move the piano upstairs but it falls on the living room, smashing to pieces. Alvin's story is obiviously fake, because in this story he is the angel and Simon and Theodore are the troublemakers, which is the opposite on the show. In fact, Alvin was the one who probably hosed down the piano.

    In the end, Dave tells Theodore that he shouldn't have been fooling around in the kitchen, Simon shouldn't have tried to move the piano upstairs and Alvin.."I know", replies Alvin, "I should never have been born." Dave tells his boys that they all have to take responsiblity for their actions. The boys promise to do extra chores to help pay for a new piano. "For about forty-five years" says Simon. Dave says to make it forty, while Alvin tries to talk it into the thirties.

    One of my all-time favorite AATC eppies. One of the reasons I would love to see this show on DVD.
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