Alvin & the Chipmunks

Season 6 Episode 4

Food For Thought

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 15, 1988 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Food For Thought
Alvin and Simon work together to help Theodore pass his American History test so he can graduate to 4th grade and go to Fun Land with his big brothers.
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      • Custer: Quick! Cut to a commercial!

      • Simon: Where was I? Oh, yes. General Custer was being charged by Chief Sitting Bull.
        Alvin: Yeah. It was a horrible battle. Both sides attacked each other! Guns fired! Arrows flew! But in the end, Custer led his troops to victory.
        Simon: Alvin?
        Alvin: Sitting Bull didn't have a chance.
        Simon: Alvin...
        Alvin: Custer went to Hollywood and became a big star.
        Simon: ALVIN!!!
        Alvin: What?!
        Simon: Custer didn't win the battle of Little Bighorn.
        Alvin: He didn't?
        Simon: No. Sitting Bull won. That's why they call it Custer's Last Stand.
        Alvin: Oh. Then I wanna be Sitting Bull.
        Simon: Later, Alvin.

      • Alvin: (after Theodore returns from his test at dismissal) How'd ya do? How'd ya do?!
        Theodore: (hands his test paper to Simon, who looks it over) I don't know. I'm so hungry, I forgot to look.
        Simon: You got an A-! That's great!
        (Alvin and Theodore cheer and hug)
        Theodore: Wait a minute! What's the "-" for?
        Simon: You missed 1 question. The national bird is the bald eagle. Not the stuffed turkey.
        Theodore: Oops!
        Alvin: Who cares!? What's important is that now you get to go to Funland! Let's go!
        All: Yea!

      • Alvin: (about the Pilgrims) They sent out for shakes and fries from McPilgrim's.
        Simon: Alvin, they did no such thing.

      • Alvin: (in his story of Christopher Columbus) But it was no use. Over they went!
        Simon: Alvin...
        Alvin: Plunge-o! Into the drink! Splashville!
        Simon: ALVIN!!! Columbus did not fall off the edge of the earth. He proved it was round, and discovered the new world.
        Alvin: I know. I know. But I was losing Theodore. I had to spice it up. Get it? "Spice it up"?!
        (he laughs)

      • Theodore: (sees a lot of food in the kitchen) Wow! Look at all this food!
        Alvin: Simon, what are you doing?! School starts in an hour! We've gotta help Theodore with his test!
        Simon: I am.
        Theodore: Mmm! I like this kind of studying.
        Alvin: He's trying to pass a history test. Not the Pillsbury Bake-Off!
        Simon: Alvin, if Theodore can remember the Pilgrims because of the food they ate at Thanksgiving, maybe food will work for other events in American history.

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      • Alvin: They sent out for shakes and fries from McPilgrim's.

        Alvin's (short and sweet) rendition of the Pilgrim's feast included a Pilgrim parody of the world's most popular fast-food chain, McDonald's.