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Calling all fans of the 80's Chipmunk Cartoons - Petition to Save our Chipmunks!

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    Hey there everyone!

    Who else here is or used to be a long time fan/lover of the 80's Chipmunk cartoons/music?

    I am and I've loved the Chipmunks for years now and I can't wait until more of the old episodes come out on DVD as some of my old Vhs copies are getting pretty warn out lol and they look so nice on DVD!

    I'm also keeping my figures crossed that one day a new 2D animated movie will come out just like the universal ones or Chipmunk Adventure but I guess we'll just have to wait and see and this brings me to the real point of this thread!

    I don't know how many of you feel the same way as I do about the recent take on the Chipmunks but when I first herd about a new 2007 movie I was so excited. When I actually went to see it though, I was kinda disappointed!

    First is the fact that the munks have undergone a completely new character design and given different personalities but this was the first time that Ross and Janice weren't behind their voices! I just felt that we had completely lost the original personalities of those loveable little munks that we all love and remember and don't get me wrong, although I did really did enjoy and laugh at what I saw in the movie, I just felt that the original spirit wasn't there anymore and I'm worried about what will be in store for them in the sequel that's coming!

    I completely understand if Ross and Janice want to move on (modernize) the Chipmunks for future generations but I just really really hope that they don't forget about us fans of the 2D animated munks and will give us more adventures like what we are used to and the only way they will realize this is by hearing it from us, the old time fans.

    This is why I am asking for your help on behalf on my Youtube friend 'misscamflynn' who sadly doesn't have an account on here.

    She has done an amazing job in starting a petition asking Ross and Janice exactly what I just told you guys and so far we are doing pretty well with signatures so please please, if you are a true fan and want to help us reach our goal, please sign it, it will only take a minute of your time!

    We need to make sure that we don't loose what we all know and love forever ^.^

    Save our Chipmunks Petition!

    Misscamflynn's Youtube page has some really nice Chipmunk videos for you guys to watch that she made herself so you should check them out aswell!

    Thanks everyone and I hope we can get this where we want it to go!

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