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Create Your Own Episode! (if you'd like)

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    Although there are no plans for a new animated series for the near future, you could still create ideas of your own episodes, if you'd like. I love making fanfics! What do you think?

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    Here's an example:

    Chipmunks Television Show Parodies

    The Chipmunks, Chipettes, Dave, and Claire (from the live-action movie) will play roles similar to the characters from the sitcoms they appeared in, although it'll be tough to find names for these parody characters.

    1. The Brady 'Munks (you know what it is)

    Alvin: Greg
    Simon: Peter
    Theodore: Bobby
    Dave: Mike
    Brittany: Marcia
    Jeanette: Jan
    Eleanor: Cindy
    Claire: Carol

    Special Guest Star
    Ann B. Davis
    Alice Nelson

    Featured Songs:
    Keep On
    Sunshine Day
    Time to Change

    2. Simon's World (spoof of... not Wayne's World. Beakman's World)

    Simon: Beakman
    Alvin: Lester, Beakman's lab rat
    Jeanette: Josie, Liza, or Phoebe, Beakman's lab assistant

    3. Biding Time Station (spoof of Shining Time Station)

    Claire: Macy Jones (spoof of Stacy Jones)
    Alvin: Max Jones (spoof of Matt Jones)
    Brittany: Lania Cupper (spoof of Tanya Cupper)
    Simon: Dean Jones (spoof of Dan Jones)
    Jeanette: Tara Cupper (spoof of Kara Cupper)
    Theodore: Tommy Jones (not a spoof)
    Eleanor: Betty (spoof of Becky Whatshername)
    Any man in late 20's: Mr. D.S. Prince, Esq. (spoof of Mr. J.B. King, Esq.)
    Any elderly man: Larry Cupper (spoof of Harry Cupper)
    Dave: Willie Fourfeathers (spoof of Billy Twofeathers)

    Special Guest Stars:
    Brian O'Connor


    Ringo Starr (due to George Carlin's passing (God bless him!))
    Mr. Conductor

    That's all I can think of.

    But here's more ideas for movie parodies:

    1. The Wizard of La Paz (capital of Bolivia) (spoof of The Wizard of Oz)

    Brittany: Dorie Hale (spoof of Dorothy Gale)
    Lily the Dog: Coco (spoof of Toto)
    Claire: Brenda, the Witch of the South (spoof of Glinda the Witch of the North) and Auntie Gem (short for Gemma) (spoof of Auntie Em)
    Jeanette: The Wicked Witch of the Southwest (spoof of the Wicked Witch of the West) and Miss Mulch (spoof of Miss Gulch)
    Alvin: The Tin Man
    Simon: The Scarecrow
    Theodore: The Cowardly Lion
    Dave: The Wizard
    Eleanor: One of the Munchkins

    2. Dr. Donless (spoof of Dr. Dolittle)

    Dave: Dr. Dave Donless (spoof of John Dolittle)
    Claire: Claire Donless (spoof of Lisa Dolittle)
    Brittany: Clarice Donless (spoof of Charisse Dolittle)
    Eleanor: Mia Donless (spoof of Maya Donless)
    Alvin: Dean (spoof of John Dolittle's partner, Gene) and Drake the Tiger (spoof of Jacob the Tiger)
    Theodore: Cockney the Hamster (spoof of Rodney the Guinea Pig)
    Simon: Bucky the Dog (spoof of Lucky the Dog)
    Jeanette: The Owl

    3. Barry Cotter and the Stone of Source (spoof of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone)

    Alvin: Barry Cotter (spoof of Harry Potter)
    Theodore: Donald "Don" Beasley (spoof of Ronald "Ron" Weasley)
    Simon: Mako Ralfoy (spoof of Draco Malfoy)
    Brittany: Harmony Wagner (spoof of Hermione Granger)
    Dave: Haggis (spoof of Hagrid) and Professor Scrape (spoof of Professor Snape)
    Any elderly character: Professor Mumblemore (spoof of Professor Dumbledore)
    Claire: Professor McCannibal (spoof of Professor McGonagall)

    None more. I'll be back with more episode ideas soon.

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