Alvin & the Chipmunks

Season 5 Episode 15

Island Fever

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 27, 1987 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • After Simon falls off a palm tree, when Alvin tries to help him up, when Simon glares at him, his nose briefly turns huge!

  • Quotes

    • Brittany: Where are we?
      Simon: The Baija Isle Hotel.
      Alvin: A hotel? That's what's on the other side of the island?!
      Simon: That, and your "monster".
      (he points to the figure Alvin saw earlier, which is really a mechanical tiki spewing fire)

    • Theodore: I miss Dave.
      Eleanor: I miss Miss Miller.
      Jeanette: There's only 1 way we'll ever get home.
      Simon: We hafta scout the island and try to find help.
      Theodore: But Alvin said...
      Simon: Theodore, there are no such things as monsters. Besides, it's the only way we'll ever have a chance of seeing Dave again!
      Theodore: Okay. I'll do it!

    • Alvin: First thing old Alvin's gonna do is teach you rookies how to survive.
      Brittany: Forget surviving! Get us rescued!!
      Simon: I think we should scout the island.
      Jeanette: Right. Maybe we can find someone who can help us.
      Alvin: (climbs up a palm tree) Wait! Don't move.
      (as he reaches the top, he sees a strange figure breathing fire, then runs back down to the others in panic)
      Alvin: OH, NO! There's a fire-breathing monster out there!
      Theodore and Eleanor: (scared) A FIRE-BREATHING MONSTER?!!
      (Brittany starts to cry in fear)
      Brittany: We're doomed!!!
      Jeanette: No, we're not!
      Simon: There are no such things as fire-breathing monsters. I'll prove it to you.
      (he is about to set off)
      Theodore: NO!!!
      (he tackles his big brother and stops him)
      Theodore: Simon, please! Stay here!
      Simon: Okay, Theodore. I'll stay.
      Brittany: Well, if we're going to be stuck here, I want a decent beach house.
      Alvin: What you're gonna get is a fort!

    • Theodore: I wish Alvin and Brittany would change their minds and come with us.
      Simon: Don't worry, Theodore. As soon as we find help, we'll go back for them.
      Jeanette: We'll find help, Ellie. I know we will.

    • (Alvin carries a stack of Brittany's suitcases)
      Brittany: Alvin! Please, be careful! I have some of my favorite things in there.
      (Alvin suddenly loses his balance, then falls down the stair and the suitcases fall on him; the 3 Chipettes walk up to him and help him out)
      Alvin: Like what?!
      Eleanor: Like, everything she didn't put in there.
      (she points to the doorway, where Simon, Theodore, and Dave struggle to try pushing a huge cart of Brittany's suitcases inside the ship)
      Ship Concierge: (hands Alvin and Brittany each a sheet of paper) These are your cabin assignments.
      Alvin: Thanks. I hope we're on the starboard side.
      Brittany: What's the difference?
      (she zips up the stairs)
      Brittany: First class is first class!

    • Alvin: (writes in his notebook) "Dateline: Lost island, where the brave Alvin Seville laughs at danger, while taking a break from saving his helpless shipmates." Talk about your great publicity. This one should make every front page in the country!
      (he stuffs a picture of himself in an empty bottle and throws it in the water, and it floats out of sight)
      Alvin: Maybe Dave will find one of 'em.

    • Brittany: (refuses to help the other 4) I refuse to do it! No way! Besides, beautiful women like me are the first thing monsters go for. You guys can go. But I'm staying put!
      (she relaxes on her beach chair, much to the dismay of Simon, Theodore, Jeanette, and Eleanor)

    • Alvin: (after the rescue plane has flown away) Now we're trapped here.
      Brittany: Forever!
      Alvin: (angrily) And it's all your fault!
      Brittany: MY fault?! If you hadn't had delusions of grandeur, and tried to hog the lime light, and grab all the glory, and...!
      (she starts to cry)
      Brittany: It was all my fault! I'm sorry, Alvin.
      (Alvin walks up to her)
      Alvin: At least we're trapped here together.
      Brittany: I wouldn't wanna be trapped here with anybody else. Well, except Eleanor and Jeanette.
      Alvin: And Simon. And Theodore.
      Brittany: I really miss those guys.
      Alvin: Me, too.
      Brittany: What are we waiting for?!
      Alvin: Let's go find 'em!
      (they set off)

    • (a storm rolls in while the Chipmunks and Chipettes are on the lifeboat for a picture)
      Simon: Alvin, we've been at this for hours!
      Brittany: I can't smile anymore.
      Theodore: I'm getting sick.
      Alvin: Just one more. It'll make a great action shot! Okay! Now say "cheese"!
      Brittany, Simon, Jeanette, Theodore, and Eleanor: (screaming as the wind blows a huge case, which falls into the lifeboat) CHEESE!!!
      (the case's weight snaps the cables that hold the boat, lowering the boat down to the water rapidly while the Chipmunks and Chipettes scream)
      (the boat floats away in the water)
      Brittany: We're going to die! And it's all your fault!
      Alvin: MY fault?! If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have needed new pictures in the first place!

    • Theodore: (feeling woozy) Ohh... You know what Dave said about the ocean air giving you an appetite? Uh, it isn't true.
      (he throws up, grossing out Eleanor)
      Brittany: I don't have a thing to wear when we're rescued!
      (Simon and Jeanette bail the water out of the boat)
      Jeanette: Shouldn't Alvin be helping us?!
      Simon: He can't right now! He's too busy panicking.
      Alvin: (in extreme panic) I'm too young to die! Too innocent! Too... talented! Too... handsome!
      (Simon and Jeanette furiously splash the water all over him)

    • (Alvin and Brittany wait on the shore of the island for someone or something to rescue them)
      Alvin: What do you wanna do?
      Brittany: I don't know. What do you wanna do?
      (she suddenly sees a plane pass by)
      Brittany: Alvin! Look!
      Alvin: (tries to signal the plane) Over here! Over here!
      Brittany: (bumps him off and tries to signal the plane herself) Here we are! Here we are!
      (Alvin is disgusted)
      Alvin: What do you think you're doing?!
      Brittany: Signaling the plane! I intend to be the one to rescue us.
      Alvin: Oh, yeah?! I'm gonna be the one! When our story hits the 6:00 news, Alvin Seville's the guy they're gonna be calling a hero!
      Brittany: Over my dead body!
      (she catches Alvin in a net, and she herself gets caught, too)
      Brittany: Brittany Miller will be the one to get us rescued!
      Alvin: Oh, no!
      (the plane flies out of sight)
      Alvin: Look! There goes our rescue plane!

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