Alvin & the Chipmunks

NBC (ended 1991)





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  • I love this show! The Chipmunks are three superstars. The female counterparts are the Chipettes, who joined them in the 1980's. The songs on the show is great. Bring them back for a great reunion. They do covers of the 80's songs.

    I was a fan of the show for a long time since the 1980's when I was in elementary school. I was two years old and about to enter preschool when the show started. I was ten and a fourth grader in grade school when the show ended. One of my favorite guilty pleasures. My favorite characters of the Chipmunks are: Alvin (the leader, who wears red and bosses his brothers around), Simon (the brain in glasses, who wears blue), and Theodore (the shy youngest, who wears teal). My most favorite characters of the Chipettes are: Brittany (the outspoken redhead, who wears pink), Jeanette (the brainy brunette, who wears black and purple), and Eleanor (the shy youngest blonde, who wears turquoise). I hope they do a parody of the current tv show "The OC". That would be great.