Alvin & the Chipmunks

NBC (ended 1991)





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  • One of the most clear shows I have ever watched with great characters, plot and music!

    It has been a while since I watched the series. But after I watched a few DVDs of the series, I feel in love with the series. Now I know why I loved the series, it is so fun to watch with good characters, humor, plot and also great music. Personally I wish they could reintroduce the series again, that would be awesome! Also I like the parodies they do like Batman, Robocop, Moonlight(The Dreamlight Episode), Indiana Jones and Star Trek. They do a great job on all the parodies. It would awesome to see the Chipmucks do parodies again, even as specials outside the series.

    I heard there is suppose to be a new Chipmuck movie next year or something and would introduce the Chipettes. I just hope it is not the recent live action movie, I don't like the idea of using CG of actually Chipmucks, nor the idea of live action. I would of been just fine with a animated or a 3D movie instead in their classic forms we all know and love.

    I hope they release the rest of the 1980s version of Alivn and the Chipmucks soon!