Alvin & the Chipmunks - Season 3

NBC (ended 1991)




Episode Guide

  • Alvin's Oldest Fan
    Alvin's Oldest Fan
    Episode 20
    There is a contest where one of Alvin's fans can win a date with him. Unfortunately for Alvin, the winner is an old lady, and he tries to get rid of her.
  • Mind Over Matterhorn
    While the Chipmunks are on tour in Switzerland, Brittany is depressed about the Chipettes' relative lack of fame. So Alvin arranges for the ultimate Swiss publicity stunt: the gang will climb the Matterhorn and the Chipettes will give a concert at the mountain's peak. But they soon become trapped in an avalanche.moreless
  • The Gold of My Dreams
    Alvin sells Dave's motor home to buy their own gold claim land.
  • The Prize Isn't Right
    Simon goes on a trivia game show, but he gets the flu before he could make it on the other shows to win. Alvin decides that he still wants to win the first prize so he has Theodore dress up as Simon in his place.
  • The Chipette Story
    The Chipette Story
    Episode 15
    The Chipettes are reunited with their old Australian friend Olivia, which prompts the singers to remember their younger days when they were just little tiny Chipettes only trying to survive Miss Grudge, a greedy and uptight orphanage headmistress. The Chipettes successfully escape Miss Grudge's evil clutches, thus leaving her broke, and they make their way into the U.S.A., yet they find out the hard way that getting there is only half the battle. After taking various odd jobs in middle management, the Chipettes travel across the continent to California. There the girls manage to find a famous record producer who after hearing their first song, gives the Chipettes the break they were looking for. The rest of course, is history.moreless
  • Staying Afloat
    Staying Afloat
    Episode 14
    While on a waterskiing vacation, Alvin forgets to tie up the boat belonging to Dave's friend Ed, and it sinks. How will the gang ever be able to perform in the waterskiing contest against the Chipettes to headline at Harold's, the famous Tahoe showroom?
  • A Little Worm in the Big Apple
    Uncle Harry returns, this time to con the Chipettes while they are visiting New York.
  • Every Chipmunk Tells a Story
    Dave is out for the afternoon. When he comes home he finds his piano broken, and covered in pudding mix at the bottom of the stairs. Dave interrogates all three boys, each one has a similar, but yet different story that explains how the piano got broken.
  • Soccer To Me
    Soccer To Me
    Episode 11
    Alvin needs one more player for his soccer team. The only one qualified to make the team is Brittany's youngest sister, Eleanor! Will Alvin allow Eleanor to join? Or will he let his male ego get the better of him, thus forcing him to drop out of the team?
  • Good Old Simon
    Good Old Simon
    Episode 10
    Simon feels unloved and unappreciated, so he runs away and decides to stow away on a cargo ship. Theodore and Alvin find him, but not before the ship leaves for parts unknown.
  • The Chipmunks Go To Washington
    The Chipmunks and Chipettes sing at a benefit to help save the eagles.
  • Sisters
    Episode 8
    Brittany tries to join the Sisters, a club of the best-dressed, most popular girls in school. But in order to do so she has to avoid her own sister Jeanette, whose clumsiness and unpopularity would destroy her chances of getting into the club. Since she and Jeanette are working on a science project that involves taking care of a baby pig, this leaves poor Jeanette to do the project alone.moreless
  • Court Action
    Court Action
    Episode 7
    Alvin plagiarizes his book report and will not be allowed to play in the championship basketball game until the Student Honor Court acquits him.
  • Three Alarm Alvin
    Three Alarm Alvin
    Episode 6
    The chipmunks decide to start their own fire department to gain publicity. They don't really have any emergencies, but when Theodore spots a real fire, it's up to the Chipmunk Fire Dept. to extinguish the blaze. But then the real fire department has to rescue the Chipmunks.
  • A Chip Off the Old Tooth
    Theodore loses a tooth, and Alvin dresses up as the tooth-fairy to try and cash in.
  • Who Ghost There
    Who Ghost There
    Episode 4
    The Chipmunks are stuck at home without lights, and think the house is haunted.
  • Romancing Miss Stone
    Alvin gets a crush on his teacher, Miss Linda Stone.
  • Flim Flam
    Flim Flam
    Episode 2
    The Chipmunks decide to make a greatest hits video, but they hire a cut-rate film editor to produce it. He accidentally switches the video with Dave's old home movies of the chipmunks as infants.
  • The Secret Life of David Seville

    Alvin suspects that Dave is leading some kind of double life. He, Simon and Theodore each interview one of Dave's old friends to find out what his secret might be.