Alvin & the Chipmunks - Season 5

NBC (ended 1991)




Episode Guide

  • Big Dreams
    Big Dreams
    Episode 14
    Alvin gets a registered letter from the Publishing Warehouse stating he is a winner. He either can take $500 or the mystery prize (which might end up to be a million dollars or nothing more than a free lunch), but has to call by 6:00 p.m. to decide. So Simon uses his experimental time machine to get a glimpse into what the future holds for the gang if Alvin takes the $500 or the mystery prize.moreless
  • Alvin, Alvin, Alvin!
    Alvin goes into a depression, and has a series of alternate identities. Will Dave and his brothers help bring him back to his normal frame of mind?
  • The Chipmunk Adventure
    When Dave leaves on a trip to Europe leaving the kids home with Miss Miller, Alvan starts competeing with Brittany on the video archade game, "Around the World in 30 Days". This grabs the attention of two diamond swindlers, who trick them into going on a ballon race, trading dolls filled with diamonds for dolls filled with cash. This is the first Chipmunk full leingh movie and contains songs such as "The Girls of Rock and Roll", "Wooly Bully", "My Mother", and a few others I forgot (editor, do you know them?).moreless
  • Goin' Down To Dixie
    Goin' Down To Dixie
    Episode 17
    The Chipettes get an opportunity to star on the River Ritz Hotel in New Orleans, but will they get there in time?
  • Ask Alvin
    Ask Alvin
    Episode 12
    Alvin feels he knows it all. He even goes on tv to host his own show on giving advice to everyone.
  • Simon Says
    Simon Says
    Episode 6
    While Dave is out of town, Miss Miller babysits the boys and they go to a movie about killer space squids attacking the earth. When they get out a telescope that evening, they see killer squids coming toward them.
  • Island Fever
    Island Fever
    Episode 15
    The Chipmunks and Chipettes get to perform on a high-class cruise ship, but instead they end up ship wrecked on an Island.
  • Dave's Dream Cabin
    Dave's Dream Cabin
    Episode 9
    After years of saving, Dave is finally able to afford their own vacation cabin. It isn't till Alvin hears that Robby Leach, the host of the show 'Lifestyles of the Truly Fabulous' lives nearby. Alvin tries to get Robby Leach to interview him, and at the same time he does a few quick changes to Dave's cabin. Will Dave's cabin survive?moreless
  • Sincerely Theodore
    Sincerely Theodore
    Episode 4
    Theodore goes on a diet so he could go on a date with a pen pal, who is also one of Alvin's biggest fans. Things go wrong when Alvin finds out that Theodore's date is actually the daughter of a famous film director. He decided to take her out instead, and breaking Theodore's heart. In order for Alvin to make it to his play and on the date, Alvin gets Theodore to switch back and forth to his play and on the date.moreless
  • My Pharaoh Lady
    My Pharaoh Lady
    Episode 5

    Brittany makes a bet with another girl in her class that if the Egyptian mummy of Rooten Tooten does not resurrect and visit her home by midnight, she would have to drop out of the election for Carnival Queen.

  • Theodore Lucks Out
    Theodore Lucks Out
    Episode 13
    Theodore is feeling unlucky in the track and field. He finds a bent out of shape dime and his luck changes.
  • When the Chips Are Down
    Dave punishes the boys for getting paint on the garage. Theodore and Simon blame Alvin for getting them in trouble again. Later, Alvin convince Simon and Theodore to follow him to a creepy mansion. Will Alvin get them in trouble twice in one day, or will Simon and Theodore back out of Alvin's plan?moreless
  • Tell it to the Judge
    Alvin borrows David's new bike, and while he's out riding he accidentally hits Brittany whose out roller skating. Dave's bike is ruined, and something is wrong with Brittany's skates. They blame each other, and Alvin demands Brittany pay for the bike, while she insists he pay for her roller skates. All of this brings us to court, where Brittany and Alvin, ignoring the "TRUTH" part in justice, face off in a "who can tell a better lie about what happened" court battle.moreless
  • Old Friends
    Old Friends
    Episode 10
    Alvin nearly runs over an elderly woman in the mall with his skateboard. when Alvin finds out that she's rich, he sends out invitations for a senior citizen’s party in order to find her.
  • Back To Dave's Future
    A wild ride on a merry-go-round sends the Chipmunks back to 1962. They meet a younger Dave. Without the boys' help in winning a band contest, he will spend his life as an accountant.
  • Just One of the Girls
    Miss Miller & the Chipettes are vacationing in Hollywood, as well as Miss Miller reuniting with her girl singing group, The Thrillers. In the lobby of the hotel, they learn that some producers are looking for new acts on their new show, "Girls of Rock & Roll". Sneaking behind each others backs, the Chipettes along with Miss Miller & The Thrillers try to get an audition set @ the hotel restaurant. The producers chose both of them (without the other knowing). When each group arrives @ the studio, they perform "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy". But just as they confessed to each other that they were auditioning, the producers find a punk girl band touring the studio & hired them over both acts!moreless
  • The Secret of Seville Manor
    Alvin and the Chipmunks check out a Seville Manor to investigate if they have any relation to the man that had owned it.