Alvin & the Chipmunks - Season 7

NBC (ended 1991)




Episode Guide

  • Cookie Chomper III
    Cookie Chomper III
    Episode 1
    A lost kitten finds his way into the Chipmunk's home. The boys are happy to have their very first pet. But how do they react when a terrible thing happens to their beloved pet?
  • Home, Sweet Home
    Home, Sweet Home
    Episode 2
    Alvin lies to his classmates that he will be singing on stage with Michael Jackson. As Alvin tries to find Michael in order to see if really is possible he could perform with him, he meets up with the big star’s manager. To Alvin’s surprise this so-called manager is a homeless man looking to find a place to stay.moreless
  • All Worked Up
    All Worked Up
    Episode 3
    The Chipmunks over-hears Dave suggesting that he would prefer Alvin to be Gymnastic Pizza Twirler, Simon a Pogo Stick Tester, and Theodore an Iguana Trainer, and immediatly start to pursue those careers.
  • Nightmare on Seville Street
    The boys disobey Dave and instead of seeing a kid’s movie, they go in and see a horror movie. The movie ends up scaring the Chipmunks out of their wits. All night the boys think that Hideous Harold, the creature from the horror film, is after them.
  • Thinking Cap Trap
    Thinking Cap Trap
    Episode 5
    Simon is frustrated being the smartest member of the family. He invents a cap that helps Dave and his brothers become smarter. Simon is so confident with his family’s new smarts that he signs them up to be on a genius game show. But before he could give his family another boost of the thinking cap, he loses it.moreless
  • Bye George
    Bye George
    Episode 6
    Alvin is desperate to write an essay on George Washington, that he uses Simon's time machine to bring George into the future.
  • A Day in the Life
    A Day in the Life
    Episode 7
    Simon makes a video of his family for his class project. Unfortunately for Dave and his brothers he took the video in not their greatest moments, and is nervous when Simon’s video will air on TV.
  • Like Father, Like Son
    Alvin is tired of being treated like a kid and trades places with Dave for a day to feel what it is like to be a grown-up.
  • Dr. Simon and Mr. Heartthrob
    Simon invents a special hair tonic formula, in hopes of winning the Chemist of the Year award, but Alvin's accident causes the tonic to turn him into a heartthrob, which may give him the award for Heartthrob of the Year, instead of Alvin, who had won it for over 7 years in a row before.moreless
  • Too Hip To Be Dave
    Too Hip To Be Dave
    Episode 10
    Dave gets a bump on the head and forgets who he is. After seeing a commercial, Dave becomes a trendy stylish man. How does he react when he finds out he actually parents three young chipmunk boys?
  • Hearts and Flowers
    Hearts and Flowers
    Episode 11
    The Chipettes are excited for the summer holidays, but not when Miss Miller keeps making other plans for them. The girls decide to hook her up with a elderly man by the name of Mr. Flowers.
  • Maltese Chipmunk
    Maltese Chipmunk
    Episode 12
    Alvin has a dream that he is a detective from the 40’s. He is on a case to find a famous rich girl, named Brittany.
  • Dear Diary
    Dear Diary
    Episode 13
    The Chipettes discover the joys of writing in a diary. Tension builds between them when they deliberately sneak a peak at what the other Chipette has written.
  • Unfair Science
    Unfair Science
    Episode 14
    All three boys find themselves having a crush on the science substitute teacher. In order to impress her they each make a project for the science fair.
  • Shaking the Family Tree
    The Chipmunks decide to have a family reunion with their aunts and uncle, but things are not well between them. Each Chipmunk finds out that the three of them have issues and believes many years ago each of them tried to sabotage the other in their chosen carriers.
  • Inner Dave
    Inner Dave
    Episode 16
    The boys are accidentally shrunk by one of Simon’s inventions. They end up going inside Dave’s head in order to try telling him what had happened.
  • The Legend of Sleeping Brittany
    The Chipmunks and Chipettes participate in the school journalism. They end up covering the story of ‘Sleeping Beauty’. During the investigation, Brittany pricks her finger on the spin wheel and becomes cursed just like the real story.
  • Three Chipmunks and a Puppy
    The boys are fed up with their puppy’s antics and set out to train Lily to behave. But soon the Chipmunks feel they are not qualified to raise her they give her away. Will the Chipmunks be able to get her back once they realize they were wrong to give her up?moreless
  • Alvin in Neverland
    Alvin in Neverland
    Episode 19
    Alvin plays out the role of Peter Pan, and Brittany plays Wendy. Dave plays Captain Hook.
  • Merry Christmas, Mr. Carroll
    Alvin, as usual, is thinking of himself when it comes around to being Christmas. He is so focused on receiving presents that he fails to think of poor Mr. Carroll, who just wants his morning paper. Will the spirits of Christmas past, present, and future help Alvin learn the error of his ways?moreless