Alvin & the Chipmunks

Season 1 Episode 7

The Chipmunks Story

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 08, 1983 on NBC
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Episode Summary

The Chipmunks Story
The origin of the Chipmunks is revealed, including how David Seville ended up with the Chipmunks in the first place and how their musical career got started.

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Nancy Cartwright

Nancy Cartwright

Additional Voices

Tress MacNeille

Tress MacNeille

Additional Voices

Frank Welker

Frank Welker

Additional Voices

Dody Goodman

Dody Goodman

Miss Beatrice Miller (1986-1990)

Ross Bagdasarian, Jr.

Ross Bagdasarian, Jr.

Alvin / Simon / David Seville

Janice Karman

Janice Karman

Theodore / Brittany / Jeanette / Eleanor

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    • Julie: (sees Theodore on the table) A rodent! (screams)
      Theodore: A rodent?! (screams)
      Julie: David, get these flea-infested creatures outta this house at ONCE!
      David: Julie, I can't do that!
      Julie: Either they go, or I do!
      Alvin: But, lady!
      (he slips and falls on a spoon, flinging a tomato onto Julie)
      Julie: That does it!
      (she heads out the door)

    • (the Chipmunks and David are having breakfast)
      Simon: What's that?
      David: Scrambled eggs and toast.
      Theodore: Is it good?
      David: Yes.
      Alvin, Simon, and Theodore: Wanna trade?
      David: No, I don't wanna trade. You guys are supposed to like nuts and berries.

    • Theodore: I'm hungry!
      Simon: Not now, Theodore!

    • David: (after finishing his song) I miss those little guys.
      (the phone rings, and David picks up)
      Sy: (on phone) Seville, where's that hit song?!
      David: I, uh...
      Sy: Good! Bring it right down to my office!
      David: But I... Yes, sir.

    • David: (picks up the phone) Look, Sy, I'm working as fast...! Oh, hi, Julie.
      Julie: (on phone) I've got the stuff for brunch. Pick me up in a couple of minutes. Okay? Love ya!
      (David hangs up)
      David: Brunch?! I completely forgot!

    • Alvin: (looks at David's sheet music) I wonder what it sounds like?
      (he plays the tune on the piano by jumping on the keys, and his brothers join in)
      (after the song, David enters the room and sees the Chipmunks' name tags on the books, the mess near the refrigerator, and on Alvin)
      David: Simon! Theodore! Alvin!
      (Alvin waves to him)
      David: What's going on here?! (tired) Oh, well. Let's get some sleep.

    • Theodore: (looks at the refrigerator) Food!
      (he extracts a tall sandwich from the refrigerator)

    • Simon: Books!
      (he runs up to the bookshelf, but suddenly crashes into the books, bringing them all down all over him)
      (a pair of glasses fall on him, and he can see better)
      Simon: (looks at the books) Shakespeare! Balzac! Tolstoy! Orwell!

    • David: (picks up phone) Hello? Oh! Hello!
      Sy: (on phone) Seville, Sy here. How ya comin' with that new song?
      David: Great. Great. (picks up his sheet music) Listen to this.
      (he plays his melody on his piano, but a tad off-key)
      David: Well?
      Sy: I hate it, Seville. You've got 24 hours to come up with a hit song, or you're fired!

    • David: (puts the baby Chipmunks to sleep) There we are. All snuggy-poo. Daddy-Davey's got to get some sleep now. Nighty-night.
      (he returns to his room and slams the door, but Simon wakes up)
      Simon: "Nighty-night"?!
      (Theodore wakes up)
      Theodore: "Daddy-Davey"?!
      (Alvin also wakes up)
      Alvin: "Snuggy-poo"?! This poor guy needs help!

    • Alvin, Simon, and Theodore: Dave!
      David: You're alive! Thank goodness! And you guys can sing!
      Alvin, Simon, and Theodore: It was our surprise, Dave!
      David: Well, the best surprise is seeing you 3 again.
      Sy: (echoes from the garbage chute, and very happy) Looks like we've got ourselves a hit!
      David: What do you mean? You fired me!
      Sy: You can have your job back, Seville.
      Alvin: He can't accept!
      David: What?!
      Alvin: You don't pay him enough.
      Sy: Okay. I'll double his salary.
      Alvin: Triple!
      Sy: Triple?!
      (he suddenly screams as he falls down the chute and into the dumpster)
      Sy: Deal!
      David: From now on, boys, we'll always be together.

    • Sy: I know a hit song when I hear it. And this is a bomb! Seville, you're fired! "Oo, ee, ah, ah, ooh." Gibberish! Now, this is a hit.
      (he turns on the radio, but hears "Witch Doctor" sung by the Chipmunks, to his and David's surprise)
      David: It's my boys, singing my song!
      (Rockin' Rod enters)
      Rod: Anyone seen 3 baby Chipmunks cruise by?
      David: Chipmunks?!
      Rod: They're a hit! The phones are ringing off the hook!

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