Always Greener

Seven Network (ended 2003)


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  • I absolutely love this show.

    I was devistated when Channel 7 canned it because it cost too much, and with the implementation of the free trade agreement there were now cheaper options avaiable to them. Finally it is available on DVD. The characters are wonderful and believable. The storylines interesting and equal parts funny and dramatic. A well rounded production that had international appeal, this type of Australian production is far too rare. We need more shows like this one! By far the best Austalian TV has had to offer.
  • I'm not a fan of soap operas but this one was totally worth my time!

    When two familys switch houses they switch and lifes.
    Already in first epizode you are atracted to this amazing show. Sandra and her devastating relationships, Marisa and her secret love to Tom, Elisabeth who tries to plase her family, Cam and his wierd relationship with Shelley (never been their shipper)and all other problems are just a thing to keep you busy for an hour.
    In second season things started to get more complicated but unfortunatly show was cancelled before third season was to be made.
    This show is family fun, couse there are teenager problems and a lot of adoult dilemmas too, so basicly noone wont feel unfamiliar. My mother and my younger sister watched it too and bouth of them loved it.
  • Excellent Aussie Drama!

    Always Greener is a prime example of what is wrong with Australian Television. A fantastic drama that for some strange and bizzare reason got cancelled.

    Maybe the show didn't get enought support from the public? Or maybe the people in charge want us to watch crappy american sitcoms and reality TV shows for ever?!

    Always Greener is about two familys who swap homes. One lives in the country the other the city.

    Its a great idea for a show and ideas were really endless. The acting was pretty good! (Left Home & Away and Neighbours for dead!) So whats the problem?

    The storylines that were used were definately more believeable than a soap and you can really relate to them. When shows like this get cancelled it sends more and more of our actors overseas, therefore making it harder to come up with great home grown dramas!
  • Fantastic aussie drama that has left our screens highly underappreciated!

    Fantastic aussie drama that has left our screens highly underappreciated! Always Greener has great actors, fantastic storylines and realistic themes and resolutions in each episode. I really miss this show a lot!
    It's upsetting that few shows succeed on Australian television, but this one is definitely one of the best Australian shows I have ever watched and I believe that this show should have lived on longer! It was a beautiful glimpse at real life in Australia and dealing with worldwide issues.
  • Probably the greatest Australian drama ever, this show was something I would look forward to watching each week - until it was unrightfully cancelled. With a perfect cast, great scripts/storylines and involved characters, this is the type of series we won

    Always Greener signalled a new age in Australian television. It was fresh. It was funny. It was controversial. It brought together some of the greatest Aussie talent there is - old and new. It was full of sharp dialogue and wit. The show was riddled with themes that any demographic could relate to, and the characters were not only perfectly protrayed, but they were characters that you actually cared about.
    This wasn't a show you'd watch to criticise and make fun of, like Home & Away and Neighbours. It was a genuinely awesome show with believable storylines that wouldn't make you cringe.
    I still cannot believe it was cancelled. I suppose the best we can hope for now is a DVD release, but i'm sure they won't even be that generous. They scramble so desperately to re-establish Aussie drama when they had the perfect show all along. I highly recommend this for anyone who loves originality in a show - something television seems to be lacking of late. I think you can still catch repeats during the day. Pity most of the population is at school or work at that time...
    Check it out!