Always Greener

Seven Network (ended 2003)


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  • Excellent Aussie Drama!

    Always Greener is a prime example of what is wrong with Australian Television. A fantastic drama that for some strange and bizzare reason got cancelled.

    Maybe the show didn't get enought support from the public? Or maybe the people in charge want us to watch crappy american sitcoms and reality TV shows for ever?!

    Always Greener is about two familys who swap homes. One lives in the country the other the city.

    Its a great idea for a show and ideas were really endless. The acting was pretty good! (Left Home & Away and Neighbours for dead!) So whats the problem?

    The storylines that were used were definately more believeable than a soap and you can really relate to them. When shows like this get cancelled it sends more and more of our actors overseas, therefore making it harder to come up with great home grown dramas!