Always Greener

Seven Network (ended 2003)


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  • I'm not a fan of soap operas but this one was totally worth my time!

    When two familys switch houses they switch and lifes.
    Already in first epizode you are atracted to this amazing show. Sandra and her devastating relationships, Marisa and her secret love to Tom, Elisabeth who tries to plase her family, Cam and his wierd relationship with Shelley (never been their shipper)and all other problems are just a thing to keep you busy for an hour.
    In second season things started to get more complicated but unfortunatly show was cancelled before third season was to be made.
    This show is family fun, couse there are teenager problems and a lot of adoult dilemmas too, so basicly noone wont feel unfamiliar. My mother and my younger sister watched it too and bouth of them loved it.