TV Tokyo (ended 2008)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Whistle of the Wind from a High Peak
    • Both Sides of the Konotegashiwa
    • Dark and Thick Woods
    • And, The Day Was Shady
    • Spring Afternoon
    • The Sleeping Twilight Flower
    • Descending Dawn
    • Marks in a Water Channel
    • Dawn and Awakening
    • The Spirit of the Dog and the Sacred Princess
      Tokidoki meets the tengu Bonten and learns about the worlds of Amatsuki and Higan before mysteriously waking up in the shrine he, Kon, and Kuchiha were supposed to be visiting. A young shrine maiden named Shinshu introduces the group to the Princess but not before Tsuruume causes havoc by unleashing the inugami within Kuchiha's body. Can Tokidoki find a way to end the fighting peacefully?moreless
    • On the Monster's Road
      A man named Tadajiro Sasaki comes to visit Shamon in regards to finding the ayakashi responsible for the attacks on the samurai recently. Worried about getting his friends punished, Tokidoki confesses to the trickery and claims all responsibility. Tokidoki's punishment is lighter than he expected but Kuchiha and Shinonome decide to follow along. The group travels along a spirit road and eventually lose track of Tadajiro! Tokidoki's uses his senses and leads the group to a temple, but Tokidoki then disappears! Where on Earth did he go?moreless
    • The Voice That Calls To Dogs
      Tokidoki goes to the temple and is introduced to the monk, Shamon, who tells Tokidoki that like Shinonome, he is stuck in this world with no way of returning home. Tokidoki doesn't let this bother him though and decides he'll do his best to do what he can at the temple. When Kuchiha is threatened by some samurai, Tokidoki stands up to fight them, only to have Kuchiha save him in the end, by exposing her secret: she's an inugami-tsuki possessed by a dog spirit. The samurai flee for their lives and Kuchiha gets mad at Tokidoki for having interferred in the first place. Unable to let the samurai get away, Tokidoki convinces Shinonome and the watchman, Heihachi, to help him pull a prank on one of the samurai to teach them a lesson. Will Tokidoki's plan work?moreless
    • This Rainy Night's Moon
      After failing another history test, Tokidoki Rikugou goes to a high-tech history museum for a makeup class. The museum creates a virtual Edo period using special goggles and a large room. There Tokidoki meets and befriends Kon Shinonome, a makeup student like himself. Tokidoki speaks with him until Kon suddenly disappears. When Tokidoki comes to a bridge in the exhibit he loses an eye from being attacked by a monster, and is helpless to do anything until a female samurai named Kuchiha comes to his rescue. When Tokidoki comes to later, he finds out that he may actually be in the Edo time period.moreless
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