Amazing Nurse Nanako

(ended 2000)


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  • Season 1
    • Operation VI: The Last Spiral Part 2
      Dr. Ogami and Nanako Find them selves in a secret lab where a mad man is trying to bring Jesus Christ back from the dead my means of cloning. All attempts failed at bring the lords son back to life. Dr. Ogami was forced to help with his research and Nakako was also being forced to become the New mother of the lord. After the preparation on Nanako An Alien Named Green gets free and the base gets destroyed before the procedure could happen.moreless
    • Operation V: The Last Spiral Part 1
      Tibetian soldiers have attacked my hospital and attempted to uncover Nanako's secret! Yet, I will not allow them to interfere with Nanako's survival so we will go to Tibet and attack their secret lab. On the way to the lab F-22's start to fire at the cargo plain. In a attempted to keep the plain air born Nakano starts throwing explosives out of the plain by orders of Dr. Ogami.moreless
    • Operation IV: Fire-Crackers
      In her sleep, Nanako is fitted with a special suit which enables her to be a war machine - she can fly, shoot rockets, and fire bullets! When she wakes up, she discovers herself at an exhibit showcasing the suit she is wearing!!
    • Operation III: The Psycho Patient
      Dr. Ogami is experimenting on a patient who has a record of violence. Doing all kinds of scans results in the patient going crazy, and transforming like Jekyll and Hyde. Ogami and team finally devise a way to defeat it, but each of their attempts are in vain, due to Nanako's screw ups. Finally, they are able to defeat the monstrosity created by the experiment.moreless
    • Operation II: Memories of You
      Nanako, Genki, and Dr. Ogami head into the woods to train. But, what will happen when a bear shows up?!
    • Operation I: The First Spiral
      Nanako is a clumsy girl who is a bad cook. When a monster arises, Nanako must defeat it, but can she succeed?
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