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  • Reminds me of Twilight Zone

    Few ep (09-11)

    I'm not sure if this particular episode is from The Amazing Stories Show.

    A young teenage boy and I think a Young Amish girl from a different time are able to communicate

    with each other by looking into a stream. The boy from the future and the girl from the past. They become friends and they communicate with each other every day both sitting at the exact same place but in a different time past and present. He tells her about the present about what the

    future is like to the young girl with flying machines and ships that sail across the ocean and more.

    They both carve their names on a tree. I do not no the title.
  • Compared to todays standards - this show is still AMAZING!

    Why don't they make shows like this anymore?
    These days (in my opinion) there is far too much rubbish on television. Those reality shows should be culled and replaced by an interesting science fiction / horror / fantasy anthology series like this one.

    I was just a kid (maybe 7 or so years old) when I first saw this show. I'm pretty sure that it originally aired in Australia a few years later for some reason because I remember watching it around 1990 (or maybe the repeats?). I can tell you that some of the episodes really used to freak me out - but I loved it anyway! Of course, being a show created by Steven Spielberg, it had to be good stuff. I think that is why my parents used to let me watch it - even though some of the episodes weren't really suitable for young kids to watch.

    The one episode that I really remember watching was "The Greibble". I was worried that some creepy creature would break into my house and eat everything - LOL! - Well, like I said, I was only about 7 years old at the time.
  • Steven Speilberg's entry into the Pre-Fox network Sunday night TV wars sounded like a good idea at the time, but turned out have more misses than hits.

    Reknowned movie director Steven Speilberg tried his hand at TV several times but, with the exception of a couple of children's cartoon series, his shows were always short lived.

    Amazing Stories tried to be a family friendly Twilight Zone and featured an entirely new story and cast every Sunday night during the "Family hour." The stories could be about anything but always ended in some fantastic way. However, unlike the twighlight zone, the mood was generally bright and tone of the programs was usually positive. The viewer was almost always left feeling upbeat. The problem with the show is that too many of the epsidoes simply did not work well. In some cases the first acts of the show created great drama and tension so when the viewer got to the campy, feel-good "fantasic" ending, it came across as ridiculous. Others were good ideas that could have worked in a 10 or 15 minute segment but got dragged out far longer than they should have.

    The show struggled through two seasons mostly based on the strength of Speilberg's name but in my opinion it never really found its voice. Overall, I think the show was good because it was different than almost anything else on TV at the time, but it never reached its potential. It would have been quickly killed in today's slick and smart Sunday night battles, hokey old-fashioned shows just don't last long these days.
  • This is truely a classic show

    I collect VHS tapes. Its just one of the things that I do. I was searching around in the local Goodwill and I found a tape of Amazing Stories, Family Dog, & Tales from the Darkside the movie. I was estatic. I couldnt be happier. This show Amazing Stories was amazing to put it shortly. My favorite episode has to be when the guy invented a goop that brings what ever is on magazine print to life. That was a great episode with a great twist. I remember watching these when I was a child. Some of them scared me and some of them just made me feel good. Good Job.
  • Good show!

    This anthology series wasn't really all that great, but on the flip side, it doesn't totally suck either. Steven Spielberg's "Amazing Stories" tries to be a cross b/w "The Twilight Zone", early Disney films, and some magical pulp adventures from the 1930s. But a lot of the episodes are flat out boring. There was a certain ambiance that surrounded "Amazing Stories" and it's marketing back in 1985 that made you think it was an important event series that couldn't be missed. This was a especially true if you were a child a the time. Was it a movie being broadcast on network TV? Was it a made for TV movie that Spielberg dreamed up for NBC? Was George Lucas somehow involved? Or was it just a TV show? The lines of what "Amazing Stories" was often felt blurred, it was not really a sci-fi series, but more creepy tales from the netherworld. It was hard to tell at the time, but I bought it. Hook line and sinker, I was there for every episode. It also had Steven "Jaws/Indiana Jones/E.T." Spielberg's name attached to it, which automatically made people in the mid 80s think it would be awesome. The opening credits with the cavemen sitting around a fire tries to reinforce this notion that the series is telling ancient, wondrous stories but it's simply not that good. To be fair there is some magic to this show and there were a couple of stand out episodes (The Mission was one of my favorites), but I never thought it was the kind of magic that was promised in the credits. A problem I had was that the episodes often build up to what seems like an amazing climax (pun intended), but level off with corny, tacked on endings that felt written at the last minute. Many of the stories are VERY PREDICTABLE. If the series is award winning, I'm certain it's because of technical achievements. The early CGI TRON styled credits were excellent for their time. In fact I believe "Amazing Stories" was the first TV series to use computer generated special effects. The show isn't bad at all, it's just not the classic classic that some believe it is. I mean it's entertaining enough, but don't expect Rod Serling kinda story telling. Even as a kid I thought the series was mediocre. I was about in the 5th grade when this show came on, young enough to still be taken in by the premise because the show appeared to promise "Star Wars/Indiana Jones/E.T." kinda magic, but I was an old enough elementary school kid to figure out a dumb or boring story.

    Personally I wouldn't get the DVD, this show is best seen as something you would catch on the Sci-Fi channel during a rainy day. I think it's entertaining enough to watch on TV, but not to own. It is great series for mid 80s (1985/'86) nostalgia, it'll likely make you cringe at the gaudy mid 80s styles.
  • Brilliant.

    Just bought the DVD's after having Amazing Stories on Video when I was much younger. I'm glad to say that they havn't lost any of the charm, tension, excitement, and awe that I had for this series when I was five! 'The Mission' in particular is one of my favourites, starring Kevin Costner, although the actor playing the guy stuck in the turret really steals the show! Ghost Train is another favourite, and is a brilliant story for kids aged 3 - 70.
    In conclusion Steven Spielberg has produced an amazing series, and I can't think of any other series that has come since that has such well made, edge of the seat, stories. One of the best TV series ever made. Get it watched!
  • One of the Best Series of the 1980's

    One of the best things about going to the movies, is to see the films of Steven Spielberg. In 1985, he develop a amazing television show called "Amazing Stories." and to me it was the best series of the 1980's. I love the series and also I love the theme music. I was the most powerful score that I ever heard on a prime time series. I saw plenty of episodes in that two year run. Some that I love and some that i love even more. Watching "Amazing Stories" is more than wonderful. it's a delight. I love the show. I had a fond memory of watching TV in the 1980's.
  • Excellant and Imaginative Successor to the Twilight Zone

    I'm a big fan of the "Twilight Zone," but I never thought its later attempted returns on CBS and UPN were worthy of its memory. "Amazing Stories," however, picked up the torch with its more family-oriented stories of which even a few were meant for a laugh or a scare while others restored its viwers to the power of the imagination. Episodes like "Gather Ye Acorns" might suggest bad life decisions, but others like "Miscalculations" where a guy brings his poster girls to life are just fun with a bit of terror. That one in particular is my favorite as he uses too much and gets a giant and then uses too little and gets a living skeleton. This is one series with a big fan base that deserves to be returned to prime time.
  • one of the best shows of the 80's

    i was too young to remeber the twilight zone, so this was what my generation got in it's place. this show when it first came along was super cool. it was strange to see the different stories unfold. it was suspenseful, but not too scary for kids. all in all a good family show.
  • A family friendly Twilight Zone type show sums up the style of the show nicely.

    A family friendly Twilight Zone type show sums up the style of the show nicely.

    This series is a fantastic 80s series. Most of the stories are very humorous. One involved an actor playing a mummy having to run to meet his wife, while still in his costume, who is ready to give birth at the hospital. Unfortunately the area where the crew is filiming has a tall tale and the townsfolk in the area think it is a real mummy and chase him down. In another episode (Hell Tupee) a lawyer investigate his clients story of a killer hair piece.

    Other episodes were heartwarming. In one episode a boy trades bodies with an dying grandfather to give him a last day of fun.

    The series had lots of stars and future stars featured in various episodes.

    I really wish a network would do a family friendly series like this again. It is clean fun stories that families can watch together.
  • Absolutely loved it!

    Amazing Stories was one of those wonderful shows that really came at the wrong time. I think it would have done alot better in the 1990's or in the last decade.

    I was different, with original and fun storylines. I can't recall seeing one episode that I didn't enjoy to some degree. The acting was strong most of the time, and many well known faces popped in for the occasional appearance which made it even better.

    I don't know if it's on dvd yet, but it is definitely on my "must buy" list whenever it does get released in the future.
  • This is an amazing set of "Twilight Zone" style shows!

    Every year at Christmas time I dig out an old VHS Tape that has 2 Amazing Stories Episodes that I recorded for my own pleasure, and they have become favorites for my family every year. The first one is Santa Clause, and it is a very touching little show about getting your Christmas spirit back. The other is Ghost Train. I love these and I loved this show when it was on the air. In my opinion, it shouldn't have been taken off. This great set of shows went off long before their time. I wish I had recorded more. Does anyone know how to get ahold of more episodes on tape?
  • a very unique & unpredictable collection of stories.. ranging from romance, horror, comedy & drama.. you'll never know what you're gonna get..

    as the title of the show tells us, all of the short stories in this show is indeed amazing.. it's such a bummer that this show just lasted 2 years.. i want more of this show, steve! please bring it back! but i guess steve's kinda busy now, with all his movies and stuff.. anyway, i sure hope that a show like this will be an inspiration to other writers out there..
  • An innovative show which launched may careers.

    Taking a leaf out of the singular episode story format much like The Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone, Stephen Spielberg's Amazing Stories was an enjoyable fantasy show for this young kid at the time.

    The best episodes which still stick in my mind after all these years included the funny Mummy,Daddy. The star studded WWII fantasy The Mission, the touching Dorothy & Ben and my favorite episode from the second season, Brad Bird's The Family Dog which also was made into it's own short lived series years later. After it's demise Bird went on to greater things by writing episodes of The Simpsons and recently directing the Pixar film, The Incredibles.

    Here's a show definately worthy of a DVD release, ahhh memories.

  • Amazing Stories, from Steven Spielberg, was an anthology series along the lines of The Twilight Zone. Week after week, with some top notch stars and directors, the show delivered non stop imagination and entertainment for everyone for generations to come.

    Amazing Stories, brainchild of Steven Spielberg, was one of the most magical series of the mid 80\'s. It is a show that definitley let one\'s imagination flow. With episodes from the bizarre to the magical to the downright peculiar, Amazing Stories had masterful storytelling. Some of the top directors of our time, like Spielberg, Scorsese, Zemeckis, and others, contributed. Too many starts to mention. Amazing Stories was pure magic, and it\'s a shame it\'s life was cut too soon. It\'s an even bigger shame that it could only get a 5.1 rating here. What an embarrasment.