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  • Steven Speilberg's entry into the Pre-Fox network Sunday night TV wars sounded like a good idea at the time, but turned out have more misses than hits.

    Reknowned movie director Steven Speilberg tried his hand at TV several times but, with the exception of a couple of children's cartoon series, his shows were always short lived.

    Amazing Stories tried to be a family friendly Twilight Zone and featured an entirely new story and cast every Sunday night during the "Family hour." The stories could be about anything but always ended in some fantastic way. However, unlike the twighlight zone, the mood was generally bright and tone of the programs was usually positive. The viewer was almost always left feeling upbeat. The problem with the show is that too many of the epsidoes simply did not work well. In some cases the first acts of the show created great drama and tension so when the viewer got to the campy, feel-good "fantasic" ending, it came across as ridiculous. Others were good ideas that could have worked in a 10 or 15 minute segment but got dragged out far longer than they should have.

    The show struggled through two seasons mostly based on the strength of Speilberg's name but in my opinion it never really found its voice. Overall, I think the show was good because it was different than almost anything else on TV at the time, but it never reached its potential. It would have been quickly killed in today's slick and smart Sunday night battles, hokey old-fashioned shows just don't last long these days.
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