Amazing Stories

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Unknown Nov 24, 1986 on NBC

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  • Young Dora is stuck on a desert farm, located in an isolated community, living with her grumpy and downright mean stepfather. Her life is forever changed by the mysterious "hole people" living underground.

    Wonderful! This is one of the strongest episodes in the entire series! Everything about it -- cast, crew, writing and sets -- are top notch, funny, witty and even thought provoking.

    Eighteen year old Dora is unhappy and with good reason. She lives on a run down desert farm, located in an isolated community, with her stepfather who is downright cynical, mean-spirited, narrow-minded and verbally abusive. The title gets its name from the fact that its the Thanksgiivng Holiday, but the stepfather has basically banned it from the house and becuase of a delicious little pun on his eventual fate. While digging for water, the stepfather learns that some strange creatures -- "hole people -- reside underground and are willing to exchange precious gems for 'food' (flashlight). The stepfather drives off to locating more items to be exchanged, with strict instructions that Dora should not get involved. Well, Dora begins to send tasty treats down into the deep hole, which come back up with lovely gifts and strange thank-you notes asking for more food items.

    Eventually, the stepfather returns and dumps a bunch of junk (flashlights) down the hole, expecting to become rich. However, the hole people send back the items (with big teeth marks) without any gifts.

    Furious, the stepfather dones a food body military outfit, gasmask and grabs some weapons and personally goes down into the hole to wage war/genocide...

    I do not want to spoil the ending, but its a wonderful one. Personally, this is my favorite episode in the series.
  • Abused wife Dora helps her husband, Cal, dig a hole for a new well, when the bottom falls out. When they discover someone down there, who pays them in gold for a flashlight that fell down, Cal rushes into town for more flashlight, leaving Dora behind...

    Somethings just stick in your mind. It's usually something you saw or read as a child that stays with you, even if is takes you a few years and some maturity to understand what you saw or read. One example of that, for me, is Nevil Shute's The Beach. I read the book when I was too young, and therefore I didn't particularly like it, but it has stayed with me over the years.

    The episode "Thanksgiving" is another of those things I have remembered over the years, only I liked what I saw, immediately. Imagine my surprise when I found out that the episode is based on a short story written by Harold Rolseth called "Hey You Down There". I have since read that story many time, and would love to watch the show again, now as an adult. It must be 17 or 18 years since I saw it last...

    But living in Sweden, there is little hope of me having the chance to see "Thanksgiving" again. So I must live with my memories and reading the short story. At least it's something...
  • Coal Miner\'s Daughter meets Sissy from Urban Cowboy

    I know Amazing Stories isn\'t the Twilight Zone, but I still love a good irony. While not wanting to recognize Thanksgiving or any other holiday until he discovers water, Calvin (Carradine) ends up the biggest Turkey of them all as his trade obsession takes over his reason. A great story for the whole family with nothing too scary for the little ones. Saw it for the first time yesterday with my daughters and they loved it.
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