Amazing Stories

Season 2 Episode 4

Welcome to My Nightmare

Aired Unknown Oct 13, 1986 on NBC

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  • A nerdy teenager more interested in horror films, then the opposite sex, learns the error of his ways when he finds himself trapped in the film "Psycho".

    Average, if not a bit hypocritical. This episode is certainly not horrible, but it is probably one of the weakest episodes in the series.

    Harry is a teenager totally obsessed with horror films. He is the ultimate fan, the greatest film buff and, frankly, is just the sort of demographic that has made many people in the popular entertainment business rich.

    Well, his cinematic interest has his parents worried, and has downright confused the girl next girl who Harry does not seem too interested in dating. Hmm. Apparently the fates or the Gods or some wants to set Harry 'straight', by putting him inside a classic horror film, Psycho, complete with a scene of Harry in a dress, which could be interpreted as homophobia if the suggestion is that horror films can lead teenage boys 'astray' in more ways then one.

    Yet, the more overt commentary in the episode is probably; don't watch too much television or motion pictures. The problem with this message is that its already been said in the series and it just comes off a bit reactionary and hypocritical. How many kids with such 'obsessions' grew up to be working in the entertainment industry? The episode would have worked much better if Harry's parents maybe pushed him to explore a career in films, so show that its not all fun and games. Or, the girl next door also liked horror films or maybe he met some girl or boy who did.

    Yes, too much television or films can be a bad thing. But, a science fiction/horror television show has to be careful, if not more creative, when it elects to bash popular entertainment This episode covers grounds that the series had done before, and comes off much more reactionary then was necessary.