Amazing Wedding Cakes

Season 4 Episode 7

Globe, Jewels and Opposites cakes

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Lindsey is a pilot engaged to another pilot, Sean. Since she's never in town long enough to plan for her big day, this busy bride is becoming a bit of a bridezilla. Her maid of honor wants to nip this in the bud by hosting a pampering bridal shower, so she turns to Robin at Gateaux to create an amazing cake that's all about the bride. Robin conceives a cake that celebrates Lindsey's travel adventures. But making a completely round globe cake proves to be an incredible challenge, and Robin worries that her team won't pull it off. But they do - complete with all 5 continents, and flags that indicate all the important places in Lindsey and Sean's relationship, like Rome, where he proposed, and Bora Bora, where bride and groom plan to go to for their honeymoon. Tony and Tracy come to White Flower Cake Shoppe with visions of gold and jewels for their wedding cake. Tracy wants fancy - and what Tracy wants, Tracy gets. The resulting bedazzled cake design features hand-sculpted wine colored roses and calla lilies, and lots of edible jewels. It promises to be stunning, but Marianne and Lauren first have to figure out the tricky process of making the jewels for the cake that Tracy has her heart set on. Opposites attract�and this whimsical wedding cake proves how much fun a little difference makes. Katie and Adam are as different � and madly in love � as a bride and groom can be. They reveal to Christopher that they want to celebrate their differences through their wedding cake. Instead of standing tall in normal wedding cake fashion, this multi-tiered cake is chopped down the middle with both sides teetering away from each other at the most outlandish angles. Popping out from the inside of one half of the cake are the things Katie likes. From Adam's half, his "guy" interests are revealed. And bridging those two opposites are figures of a bride and groom madly diving for each other with unbridled passion.moreless
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