Season 3 Episode 18

Career Girl

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Mar 18, 1989 on NBC

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  • A new Thelma emerges when she decides to venture back out into the job world. She soon becomes a corporate success, but she misses the bliss of her domestic life with her father and the reverend.

    Anna Maria Horsford gets the opportunity to take Thelma in a much different direction with this episode. We see a much more self-assured and confident characterization, and it's fun to see how the redefining of Thelma plays off the others. The set used for Thelma's large office is gorgeous, and there are some funny bits between her and the male secretary. In fact, I think it was too easy for the writers to have Thelma grow discontent and want to return to her life at home. It was like they went too far with her in this episode, then they had to take her back to where she started. It would've been more realistic if they could've shown her getting that big office as some sort of fluke, then deciding she would stay on and continue to work her way up the ladder. Just like with Ernie's law career, there could've been a lot of comic situations to mine from showing Thelma in the business world over many episodes.