Season 2 Episode 2

Dancing in the Dark

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Oct 17, 1987 on NBC

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  • The deacon renews ties with an old law school buddy, but then finds himself going toe-to-tie with the man as a rival in a courtroom showdown.

    While not my favorite episode of the series, there are some good moments worth mentioning. I think the guest actor who plays Ernie's law school classmate is very convincing as an attorney. We get the chance to see the more professional side of Hemsley's character in the interaction he has with his buddy/rival in these scenes. The courtroom scene, however, falls a bit flat to me. I didn't really like the part where the woman on the stand gets up and shows off her dancing skills. I think the choice of music for that scene could've been improved. If they had selected some upbeat Aretha song, and she gyrated to that, then it might've worked a little better. But actually, I think Ernie should've been proven right in that scene. She should've danced, and it should've been really awful and painful to watch and Ernie should've gloated about that. Then, of course, the others could've berated him for making a fool of the woman, even though he won. I guess I wasn't happy with the execution of this episode. I think the concept was a good one, but the way it played out was not as satisfying as I think it could've been.