Season 2 Episode 17

Deacon Dearest

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Feb 27, 1988 on NBC

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  • When Thelma's friend Jackie moves in with the Fryes after a marital spat, the deacon considers it his mission to help her obtain a hefty divorce settlement.

    Thelma's high school friend Jackie pops up again. In this story, Jackie has had a quarrel with her husband and moves in with the Fryes. What follows is an interesting plot that shows how a separation affects the lives of the people that surround a troubled married couple. For instance, we find Thelma worried about her friend and making sure she has a place to stay. Next, we see the Hetebrinks gossip about the break up. Then, there are the natural conflicts that arise when the reverend takes a more spiritual approach and tries to save Jackie's marriage; while the deacon tries to destroy it so that he can profit from it in divorce court. In a bizarre twist, the deacon also has his eye on the woman who is his daughter's age. Of course, Thelma is aware of that and complains to the reverend. But the best part of this legal adventure is the reuniting of the couple while Ernie's back is turned, pleading for the dissolution of the marriage to the judge. It gives a new meaning to the word irony and shows that with a little more open communication, these types of situations can be peacefully resolved.