Season 5 Episode 21

Deliverance (1)

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM May 04, 1991 on NBC

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  • The church building is not up to code. The members of First Community must raise $25,000 for repairs. The church board solicits donations from the congregation while the deacon and Clarence cozy up to an heiress and her granddaughter to get the money.

    There are some great moments in this penultimate episode of 'Amen.' In typical fashion, the deacon sets out on a plan to get money for the church repairs by cozying up to an heiress, played by LaWanda Page. Bumper Robinson's character Clarence is drawn into the scheme when he goes along with the deacon and romances the homely granddaughter of Page's character. Things don't go as planned, and a scene at a local restaurant ends with Page beating Sherman Hemsley up with her purse (in many ways reminiscent of the work she did with Redd Foxx on 'Sanford and Son' fifteen years earlier). Meanwhile, there are some funny moments with Clifton Davis when Reuben passes out while watching a graphic childbirth video. And later, during a support group meeting, one of the guests goes into labor and plays the pain for laughs.