Season 3 Episode 1

Fear of Flying

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Oct 08, 1988 on NBC

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  • Thelma decides to go along when the deacon and the others take a flight to Bahamas for a convention. But first, she must overcome her fear of flying. Everyone else is forced to face a few fears, too, when it looks like the plane is going to crash.

    The third season of 'Amen' gets underway with this fun and rather zany episode. The story focuses on Thelma's fear of being up in the air. Interestingly, this character trait was not mentioned back in season one when she had plans to fly to Jamaica with her girlfriend Tammy for Christmas. Of course, the writers give Anna Maria Horsford some wonderful moments to play, and we see Thelma more neurotic than ever. The plot is fairly routine: the captain of the flight gets food poisoning and cannot fly the plane, so Ernie and Reuben take over at the control panel. Meanwhile, everyone conspires to keep the news from Thelma. She eventually finds out that they could very well crash, and the moments when she gets more panicky than ever are truly hilarious. But a nice development occurs in the reverend and Thelma's love story when Reuben, faced with the prospect of death, says he truly loves Thelma. It's a great episode, and it's a rare instance where most of the action does not take place either at the church or the deacon's home. There's also a memorable scene where Rolly (Jester Hairston) finally brings the plane in for a successful landing.