Season 3 Episode 5

Get 'Em Up, Scout

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Nov 12, 1988 on NBC

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  • The deacon is trying to get a job that pays a lot of money. He needs recommendations from the church board. But in order to get their support, he must do the right thing and take some of the boys from the church on a camping trip.

    This is another episode that allows Sherman Hemsley the chance to do physical comedy that involves kids and animals. This time around it's a group of scouts and a nasty smelling skunk. In a pivotal scene, he falls into an animal trap and is hanging from a tree. Then, of course, he gets sprayed by the skunk. But the real fun begins when he gets back home. A group of prominent men in the community have come over for dinner with their wives. Ernie wants to impress them so that he can get a good paying job. But he is suffering from allergies and doesn't realize how badly he stinks.