Season 3 Episode 3

Look at Me, I'm Running

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Oct 29, 1988 on NBC

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  • After the death of a political candidate, Deacon Frye decides to enter the election and win the job for himself. Reuben is his campaign manager; the Hetebrinks handle publicity; Rolly is the advance man; and Thelma, well she does what she usually does.

    There is a good set-up here. The writers have thrown Hemsley's character into a political race. Of course, he gets caught up in all the rhetoric, and soon the notoriety of his campaign goes to his head. But he is not too successful: he places third after a criminal incumbent and a dead man! Thelma and the others gather around him to offer support, and he turns on them for letting him down and for being what he calls a 'bunch of amateurs.' This is Ernie Frye at his cruelest, and Hemsley really goes to town with it. Then, he has to come back and beg their forgiveness. Again, we get another splendid Sherman Hemsley moment when out bubbles a bunch of improvised sentiment that deep down somewhere is actually sincere. This could very easily have been an episode of 'The Jeffersons' with George running for office and turning on Louise and the Willises. It doesn't matter...the point is that it's a fine episode that showcases Hemsley's talent as comedian and dramatic actor.