Season 3 Episode 17

Nothing But the Truth

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Mar 04, 1989 on NBC

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  • Thelma and the deacon finally meet Mrs. Gregory. But Reuben's mother doesn't seem to like Ernie's daughter nearly half as much as she likes him.

    Jane White makes the first of several guest appearances as the reverend's mother. She is a sophisticate who doesn't approve of Thelma because of Thelma's large bone structure. However, she is very taken by the deacon's charms, and they soon get caught in a compromising position. The situation involves some of Chris' pet tarantulas that have gotten loose and crawled up the deacon's leg. Just as Mrs. Gregory is attempting to help take his pants off to get rid of the creepy, crawly pests, in walks Reuben and Thelma. Of course, things spiral out of control when Reuben thinks that something improper is going on. This is a clever episode that really takes Reuben and Thelma's romance to another level because of the complications caused by both their parents. Clifton Davis gets the chance to do some physical comedy when the tarantulas crawl up his leg, too. But the high point of the episode is the poignant ending. Earlier in the story, Davis' character had talked to the congregation about the need to tell the truth. But when he learns that his mother does not particularly approve of Thelma, he keeps the truth from her to spare her feelings.