Season 2 Episode 7

Rolly's Proposal (1)

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Nov 21, 1987 on NBC

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  • Sick and tired of her interfering ways, the deacon tries to push Thelma's aunt on Rolly. But nobody could've guessed it would lead to a proposal of marriage!

    This is a real charming episode of 'Amen,' bolstered by the efforts of star Jester Hairston and guest Rosetta LeNoire who will be added to the starring lineup later this season. LeNoire's character, Aunt Leola, is written a bit more harshly in this episode than she appears in the rest of the series. Clearly, she is meant to be a foil for Ernie, and there are to be endless arguments between them. But by the next episode, her attitude toward him has softened considerably, even if his hasn't. LeNoire had just finished a starring role on Nell Carter's sitcom 'Gimme A Break!' (also on NBC) and this was an in-between gig for her. In less than two years, she would begin her definitive sitcom role on ABC's 'Family Matters' as Grandma Winslow. But she's a great addition to the 'Amen' cast during seasons two and three, and her chemistry with Jester Hairston is truly sweet and fun to watch. After LeNoire's departure, the character of Leola continues with another actress (Montrose Hagins) and Rolly's marriage to Thelma's aunt remains a cornerstone relationship of the series.
  • Rolly prepares to take the big step. Not everyone rallies behind him.

    Love is a many-splendored thing. Some people don't anticipate that it would be part of the life of someone long since widowed. They posit for Rolly a daily routine involving church, family, quiet and ordinary things like that.

    They'd never expect him to want to be involved in the permanent bond of marriage again.

    Thanks to choir practice and other events for the congregation, Rolly and the Deacon's aunt have been spending a lot of time together. Forbes comes to the parish leaders for their blessing in establishing a formal union between him and the woman.

    At first surprised, Deacon Frye comes around to support the decision and prepares to help the happy couple.