Season 4 Episode 9

Thelma Says, I Do

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Nov 18, 1989 on NBC

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  • Thelma is more ready to recite her vows at a fancy church wedding than Reuben does. When he passes out during the ceremony, it seems as if she may not be marrying the man of her dreams after all.

    This is truly a classic episode of the series. I remember that it did not get a favorable review in TV Guide the week after it first aired. The magazine's editors thought the writers were intentionally dragging out the nuptials of Thelma and the reverend, and basically, they were. But it allowed for some great physical comedy here, and in the army shows that immediately follow. Clifton Davis gets to fall down at the altar, not once, but twice. Then, they carry him into the office and he is spread out on a desk, where Thelma, the deacon and Rev. Crawford attempt to throttle him into regaining consciousness. Sure, it's all a bit over the top, but it's funny stuff and enjoyable to watch. And the episode doesn't stop there. The next scene back at the deacon's home shows the reverend waking up (fourteen hours later!) and Thelma is determined to have the ceremony take place at the house. Of course, the problem is that Reuben simply isn't ready, and this leads to drastic action on Thelma's part, who runs off and enlists. What I noticed during the episode was how much dialogue Anna Maria Horsford had to memorize. She gives a standout comic performance.
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