Season 5 Episode 19

Three's a Crowd

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Apr 13, 1991 on NBC

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  • Clarence's hero worship of Ernie is tested when he feels that the deacon has betrayed him and taken the woman he loves, his teacher. Ernie considers the relationship with Clarence's teacher innocent...not the basis for a love triangle.

    The relationship of Ernie and Clarence deepens in this episode. There are some good scenes with Bumper Robinson who gets to play Clarence's admiration and disappointment in the deacon. Guest actress Lynne Moody adds a nice touch to the proceedings as Clarence's teacher who captures the hearts of both guys. But the real high point of this story is when the church board has gathered to paint the office. Clarence has become involved with a street thug again, and the thug is about to spray paint the wall. The deacon grabs the can of paint and sprays the hoodlum and sends him out of the church. Clarence is impressed and his faith in the deacon has been restored. Meanwhile, at the deacon's house, Clifton Davis gets to dress up like a pregnant woman in scenes meant to depict Reuben's new understanding of Thelma's physical condition before the delivery of their child.