Season 2 Episode 14

To Catch a Thief

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Jan 23, 1988 on NBC

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  • More than $100 goes missing from the collection box, and members of the church suspect Thelma's foster child, Jeanette. The deacon is forced to interrogate the girl and help solve the mystery of the absent funds.

    As with many episodes of 'Amen,' this is a message-based story. Here, it is about trusting and having faith in the children who are our future. In this case, Thelma's foster daughter Jeanette is suspected of stealing from the church collection box. Of course, the deacon refuses to believe it, and Thelma doesn't know what to think. Rev. Gregory and the Hetebrinks are convinced of the girl's wrong-doing, and there's a great scene at the Frye home where they force Ernie to interrogate Jeanette as if she's a witness on trial. Sherman Hemsley excels in these types of episodes, where a basic situation is played as a type of broad farce but with serious emotional and spiritual undertones. The scene where the reverend and the sisters have to admit they were wrong about Jeanette (someone else took the money) plays right into Ernie's ego, but it also shows that he understands human nature and actually has faith in the innocent and that justice will prevail.