NBC (ended 1991)




  • Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

  • Jester Hairston who portrays Rolly Forbes during the show's entire run was 85 years old when the first episode of 'Amen' was broadcast. He was 89 when the show left the airwaves four and a half years later. He lived to the ripe old age of 98.

  • Sherman Hemsley had not appeared in a starring role on television for a year since the demise of 'The Jeffersons' on CBS in 1985. This series was produced by Johnny Carson's production company for NBC.

  • Actor John Hancock appears again in season five in another role.

  • Deacon: (gesturing towards Reverend's ample girth) God gave each of us a temple. You have torn yours down and put up a Pizza Hut!

  • Deacon: Reverend, it's been six months since I hired you as pastor of this church and attendance is down twelve percent, our collections are down thirty three percent and your waist is up two hundred and fifty percent!

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