America or Busted

MTV - Music Television (ended 2005)


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America or Busted

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Charlie, James and Matt, aka Busted, the biggest band in the UK right now, are planning to bring their trade across the pond. Busted's albums go multi-platinum in the UK and they played to 250,000 British fans last year alone, but in the US, nobody knows who the hell they are. Launching Busted Stateside is a serious challenge both practically--with the major label hustling for TV/radio spots, gigs, video shoots, etc.--and emotionally. Having reached their career peak in the UK, Busted need to break into America to keep rising. And many, many UK bands have come here, tried and failed. Busted risk alienating their core fans with their absence from the UK spotlight and leave family, friends and girlfriends behind to embark on their US promotional tour. It's a soul-searching time for the boys who've had it all so quick, so young and so "straight out of the Saturday morning kids' shows." Charlie, especially, is seeking to evolve his image from tweenie pop star to grown up, credible rock star. Matt and James are also sick and tired of the "boy band" pigeonhole they've fought their way out of in the UK, and all hope that America is their chance to break free of that once and for all and to start over as "just a band." But the major label in the US is a marketing machine. The execs have their own agenda that has little to do with the boys' goals and everything to do with selling records, any way they can in the biggest, and toughest, market in the world. As the boys become grist in mill, they feel frustrated and humbled by a label and many programmers who "don't quite know where they fit into" the US musical landscape. As tensions mount between the band and the label, and each member begins to experience personal issues at home that they are too far away to deal with and they start to wonder if it's all worth it.moreless