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"American Bandstand" brought rock 'n' roll music into millions of households and showed Americans how to do the latest dance steps. Dick Clark, "America's Oldest Teenager" hosted the series for most of its run.
Regular Bandstand segments were "The Spotlight Dance," "Rate-A-Record" and The "American Bandstand" Top 10 Countdown. "The Spotlight Dance" featured 2 or more couples dancing to a softer tune. "Rate-A-Record" had teenage contestants rate and comment on a record played on the show. The "American Bandstand Top Ten" was a countdown of the Top 10 hits of the day.
"American Bandstand" began as a local Philadelphia show called "Bandstand," which made its debut October 13, 1952 on WFIL-TV Channel 6.
The series was retitled "American Bandstand" on August 5, 1957 when ABC began broadcasting it nationwide. For its first 6 seasons, "American Bandstand" aired Mondays through Fridays.
Two major changes took place during the 1963-64 season. On September 7, 1963, it became a once-a-week series airing Saturday afternoons. A few months later on February 8, 1964, production of the show moved from Philadelphia, PA to its new home in Los Angeles, CA.
Despite these changes, American Bandstand's fans remained loyal to the series, as it continued to present the latest music and dances. It even inspired another long-running dance show, "Soul Train."
American Bandstand's long association with ABC ended on September 5, 1987. Two weeks later, on September 19, 1987, the series returned in first-run syndication. On April 8, 1989, American Bandstand made another move, this time to the USA cable network. It also featured a new host, David Hirsch. This version lasted only 6 months with the final show airing on October 7, 1989. In 1995, VH-1 began showing vintage episodes of American Bandstand. These edited 30-minute reruns featured many of the stars that the show helped make famous.
"Bandstand" Air Dates (local Philadelphia show)
(1) "Bob Horn's Bandstand" (hosted by Bob Horn) October 13, 1952 - July 6, 1956
(2) "Bandstand" (hosted by Dick Clark) July 9, 1956 - August 2, 1957
"American Bandstand" Air Dates
Weekday Afternoon shows (ABC-TV network, Monday-Friday) August 5, 1957 - August 30, 1963
Broadcast times:
August 5-November 15, 1957 - AB aired from 3:00 to 4:30pm.
November 18, 1957-October 10, 1958 - AB was split into 2 shows airing from 3:00 to 3:30pm and from 4:00 to 5:00pm. AB was split up by the game show Who Do You Trust?
October 13, 1958-September 29, 1961 - one show airing from 4:00pm to 5:30pm.
October 2, 1961-September 28, 1962 - from 4:00 to 4:50pm*
October 1, 1962-August 30, 1963 - from 4:00 to 4:30pm
Note: *From October 2, 1961 through September 28, 1962, AB was followed by "American Newsstand," a current affairs program produced by ABC News.
Nighttime shows (ABC network, Monday nights 7:30-8:00pm) In addition to the weekday shows, American Bandstand had a 13-week (October 7 - December 30, 1957) Prime-time run. (Note: This shouldn't be confused with "The Dick Clark Saturday Night Beechnut Show", which ran from February 15, 1958 to September 10, 1960.)
Saturday Afternoon shows (abc-TV network) September 7, 1963 - September 6, 1986
During these 23 years, the air times varied anywhere between 12:30 and 2:30pm on Saturdays (sometimes earlier on the West Coast). Most of these shows were an hour long. (Some episodes were shortened for sporting events.)
On AB's Last Season on ABC-TV, it aired from 12:30 to 1:00pm (from September 13, 1986 through September 5, 1987).
Syndicated American Bandstand episodes ran from September 19, 1987 to August 27, 1988 (times varied by city). This version was syndicated by LBS Communications. (According to some sources the syndicated series ran through April 1, 1989. But we haven't been able to find any AB listings beyond August 27, 1988.)
USA Cable Network (Saturday afternoons) From April 8 to October 7, 1989, AB was aired from 12noon to 1:00pm. David Hirsch was the host of this final version.


    Dick Clark Dies at Age 82

    The American Bandstand host and New Year's Eve mainstay has passed away after suffering a massive heart attack.


    RedZone, Six Flags buy Dick Clark Productions

  • Dick Clark

    Dick Clark

    Host (1957-1988)

    Charlie O'Donnell

    Charlie O'Donnell

    Announcer (1958-1968)

    David Hirsch (I)

    David Hirsch (I)

    Host (1989)

    Bob Horn

    Bob Horn

    Host (1952-1957)

    Lee Stewart

    Lee Stewart

    Co-Host (1952-1957)

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    • A Great Part Of My Life!

      If this is the show it describes, my sister and I were there with some friends. Bobby Vee was so cute, we all got in a bit of trouble giggling... But they advertise full episodes to suck us in and I cannot find any way to watch anything. My sis died in the early 90s and it would mean more to me than anything to watch these old shows to catch a glimpse of her. She tried to lighten her hair on a Friday night before a Saturday filming and it turned carrot orange. So Dick chose her (in her baby blue dress) to do a rating know it was one of the first color shows but not the date, and would be happy to watch them all to find her. Anyone know if these are available anywhere? Bandstand was our favorite thing on one Saturday a month they'd film 4 shows. We took a bus to Hollywood. An adventure, since . could not be counted on to take you home again..... Such great fun, real rock stars like the Doors, and pop.moreless
    • American Bandstand in Dallas TX - I-45 CORRECTION of a history note posted ...

      Hi all. Correcting TriviaDude's post, I first saw American Bandstand on WFAA Channel-8 in 1957 in Dallas, Texas (my home since birth) while eating a bowl of hot tomato soup on a cold Winter afternoon after school ... and it IMMEDIATELY "knocked my socks off" with excitement! So I surely know that 1 of those 2 Texas stations Dude mentioned did *not* wait 25 years to air AB, and seriously doubt any other American station did! It's good to check WIKI and other published info's accuracy before repeating it as fact. ** Happy Viewing **moreless
    • Any Living BABY BOOMER

      Has to admit that they Grew-Up Watching DICK CLARK 's AMERICAN BANDSTAND!! It was a part. & staple of being a teenager. We watched the dancers; doing the dances; to the NEW ROCK & ROLL Songs. Then Dick Clark had each week a LIVE Singer or Group doing there Newest Release That to ME; HOLD's Memories that are Special. The Music Just has a way to get past alot of barries & can speak to you, can calming a ressless soul, make you cry or just to STOP & THINK,.to Hear that Music can have many Voices, tones, words, & sounds. I think Dick Clark tried to bring out MUSIC that touched EVERYONE; IF they only Stopped to Listen. If they did not, I think they Missed out on so much in this WORLD.. .moreless
    • If you lived in Texas along I-45, you were out of luck.

      Believe it or not, there were some cities that passed on American Bandstand. For 25 years, two of those stations are along I-45 (WFAA-8 in Dallas & KTRK-13 in Houston). I was always curious about the show growing up & finally saw it in San Antonio back in 1981. Was impressed over their annual dance contest.

      But the long feud finally ended for Houston on Sept. 1, 1984. It would've been nice to see some of the performers I missed out on during that time. Missed Scott Baio by 50 weeks.

      But I also liked watching the anniversary shos they had from time to time.moreless
    • Marching to the beat of American Bandstand!

      Dick Clark has cartainly created of the best music series on the air. I didn't see much of the series when i was growing up. the reason is my ABC station in Flint WJRT TV 12 has pulled "American Bandstand" in the late 1960's and 1970's to air religious programming. I don't know why the air religious programming on a Saturday, but never mind. I was angry at the station for taking away a part of my childhood. I call the station to complain, but they gave nothing but hot air nad they hang up. since then, I never forgiven WJRT TV 12 for what they did. But aside from that, I saw "American Bandstand" a few times and I like what I saw.moreless

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