American Bandstand

Season 4 Episode 241

AB-1057: The Jarmels

Aired Unknown Aug 07, 1961 on ABC

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  • The Jamel's Filmography We Own the Night (2007)

    Named after a street in Harlem, this R&B vocal group actually hailed from Richmond,Virginia. The Jarmels combined elements of Pop and Rhythm & Blues - their sound can best be likened to that of the Drifters. They cleaned up with their second record, the still-popular "A Little Bit Of Soap", which was also their only chart hit and is the premier track on there collection of their best work. The Jarmels were formed in Richmond, Virginia, USA,
    by Ray Smith (1941),Nathaniel Ruff(b. 1939),Paul Burnett (b. 1942), Earl Christian(b. 1940) and Tom Eldridge (b. 1941). They scored a major chart entry in 1961 with "A Little Bit Of Soap", a song that retained an enduring appeal when composer Bert Bern's recorded further versions with the Exciters and deep soul singer Garnet Mimms. British rock 'n' roll revivalists Showaddywaddy later took this favored composition into the UK Top 5 in 1978. Despite appearances to the contrary, the Jarmels continued to record, although they were never able to recapture that early success. And now The Jarmels Returns with a new line up. Returning to the scene the last surviving member Mr.Ray Smith, Tyrone"Lil Tommy" Thomas, Ray Orta, Donald R. Moyer,and Ernest Thompson.