American Bandstand

Season 1 Episode 111

AB-111: The Twin-Tones

Aired Unknown Dec 20, 1957 on ABC

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  • The Twins, The Twin Tones, Jim and John Cunningham recorded for RCA Victor and Lancer Records.


    A very talented duo who failed to conquer the recording industry and their payola period. This duo recorded many singles and an album for RCA Victor during their stay with that studio. These recordings are becoming quite collectible amongst the collectors worldwide. Any one with information on these two dynamo's during the late 50's need to document it for all to read and rediscover. I need a discography to see if there are any missing recordings and to include any other labels they may have recorded for. If you can help with the discography, any other recording companies or the whereabouts of these brothers who left a mark in this awesome era; you need to include it with this review so they too can get acknowledged for their contribution.