American Bandstand

Season 6 Episode 135

AB-1469: Nancy Sinatra

Aired Unknown Mar 08, 1963 on ABC

Episode Recap

Episode broadcast Friday, March 8, 1963. 
--Opening titles.
--Announcer Charlie O'Donnell mentions Connie Francis' new movie "Follow the Boys."
O'Donnell: "Next week, we'll have Connie here in person to tell you all about it."
An audio tape is played of Connie Francis talking about her movie.
--Dick Clark announces the record "Mr. Bass Man" by Johnny Cymball (but the song is edited out of the kinescope). 
--Dancers, record: "Memory Lane" (by The Hippies).
--Commercial: Dentyne gum ad with Dick Clark. 
--Dancers, record: "South Street" (by The Orlons).
--Dancers, record: "Promise of Love" (by Sandy Stewart).
--Charlie O'Donnell (intro to next commercial): "How does a gal look her best when she has a date and a cold? Watch."
--Commercial: Minipoo dry shampoo. 
--Dick Clark talks about the (ongoing) 'American Bandstand' poll.
--Commercial: Appian Way Cheese Pizzas. (Filmed ad with voice-over by Charlie O'Donnell.)
--Dick Clark introduces guest Nancy Sinatra. Clark mentions that "we've had the pleasure of having her here before." (Not her first AB appearance?)
--Guest performance: Nancy Sinatra sings (lip-synchs) "Like I Do" (re-release of a 1962 record). 
--Dick Clark interviews Nancy Sinatra. Topics include the record "Like I Do" (re-released in the U.S. after it became a hit in Europe), Nancy's folk-singing TV appearance on "The Virginian," and a recent dramatic role by husband Tommy Sands on "Alcoa Premiere" (which served as a pilot for a possible TV series).
--Commercial: Clearasil acne medication. 
--Dancers, record: "Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Hearts?" (Bob B. Soxx & The Blue Jeans).
--Dancers, record: "Preacher Man" (Charlie Russo). 
--Commercial: Certs mints (twin sisters disagree over whether Certs is a "Candy Mint" or a "Breath Mint.")
--Dick Clark: "That will tidy-up the Friday afternoon affairs of American Bandstand." 
--Charlie O'Donnell: "Discovery '63 visits the Kit Peak observatory in the Arizona Desert next on most of these ABC stations." (Note: The TV Guide listing for the 8-Mar-1963 "Discovery '63" mentions a visit to the "Sonora Desert Museum" which is near the Kitt Peak National Observatory. So Mar. 8, 1963 is probably the correct air-date for this AB episode.)
--Closing credits. (Charlie O'Donnell voice-over: "Today's program was pre-recorded.")

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