American Bandstand

Season 6 Episode 221

AB-1555: Stevie Wonder

Aired Unknown Jul 08, 1963 on ABC

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  • Saw this episode live at 46th and Market!

    I live in a suburb of Phila. and used to go down to the weekly tapings of Bandstand. I was there when Stevie Wonder, aged 12, appeared on the show. His mother was there too - she sat in the back with MY parents; my mom said she was crying. We were told to sit in the bleachers and not move or make a sound because Stevie was blind. He sat in front of us on a stool with his bongos between his knees. He did "Fingertips". Afterwards he signed autographs in braille. The whole thing was very cool, but I didn't realize how cool until many years later when Stevie became a superstar.