American Bandstand

Season 2 Episode 26

AB-319: Ritchie Valens

Aired Unknown Oct 06, 1958 on ABC

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  • i wanna see the video of ritchie singing \\\"donna\\\" you have it....if yes.....let me see it please!!!!

    i´m a ritchie valens fan...and i wanna see the \\\"donna\\\" video...please add it to this website....thank you very much.............mamsxjqoidjedkwldmwedjwie kqdwmoidewmdm lasxmqow lmqkwqoipw mkspjqwjsqsw mlqkwsqowjsqw ,lskqopwsqkw smwoqksoqws ,qlksqwoksplq ,splqwkosq ,qskqwop s,qplwkqw ,sqwokpp, , , ook, oo, o,o, oo, o uh 7g gh ijop pl kk jjh h hh gygy gg bn i mioim om o,o, o, omo ok om im nin nu ubn b yb b yvtv 6t7t y u ijk ok l ñ{+{ plñ ok ij hhu g gt7g 8 u ijk k m 0ol ih7yg8yhyu8 hh j j9ij jij ji jij ij j jij ij oij oij oi, i, i j ijo .... thank you