American Bandstand

Season 19 Episode 10

ABBA / David Ruffin / Frank Gorshin

Aired Unknown Nov 15, 1975 on ABC

Episode Recap

This episode was filmed 1-14 November 1975 and broadcast on Saturday 15 November 1975 (Frida's 30th birthday) at 11.30am

ABBA performed SOS, were interviewed briefly by Dick Clark and then performed I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do.

The intro for this clip was shown on the Emmys award show 2006 during a Dick Clark tribute.

("SOS" is performed)

Dick Clark: "Would you come down here, please". (points Frida, Agnetha and Björn who are standing on a higher stage). "Björn" (walks over to Benny) "Benny Andersson. Since your name is easy for me to pronounce, I will ask you to please introduce me the everybody else, alright?"

Benny: "Well, this is Frida. My...well, I hope she's gonna be my wife."

DC: "We hope for your sake too"

Benny: "We're engaged right now. This is Anna, married to Björn."

DC: "Are you sure of Anna?"

Benny: "That's right."

DC: "What's the full name?"

Benny: "It's Agnetha but Anna is little easier."

DC: "You know the thing that amazes me. I listen to your music, we were talking about it in the dressing room, you people have no Swedish accent. If we're to do an imitation of a Swedish accent in this country, it would be very broad and "ja" and "god". All that."

Björn: "Yeah, yeah."

DC: "Do you notice the difference in English accents?"

Björn: "Yeah, I guess we do 'cause we travel so much around. And you know, the Germans and the French have very, very distinctive accents."

DC: (to Benny) "Can you do a German English accent?"

Benny: "I think Björn could."

DC: "You're gonna trade that off."

Benny: "I'm a coward".

Björn: "Well, the Germans speak like this". (with a German accent imitation)

DC: "Ja, jawol. Und English. How do they speak?"

Benny: "I don't know but they speak more proper English."

Frida: "Proper."

DC: "You ladies are lovely and all of that. Can you (Frida) tell me does he have classical music background?"

Frida: "Oh, no. He hasn't. No."

DC: "How long have you known him?"

Frida: "Seven years."

DC: "You didn't learn before that? I swore that you've must been a conservatory pianist or something. Where do Swedish people learn rock and roll music?"

Benny: "Well, from America mostly and England, of course. We buy all...Well, the records you got here, we got them at home. And also the English."

DC: "How many people live in Sweden?"

Agnetha: "I think it's eight millions now."

DC: "How large is your country as country. Do you know California?"

Frida: "Yeah, it's like California."

DC: "Isn't that amazing. I mean, there's so much music coming from overseas nowadays. Are you familiar with German rock, Kraut rock and roll?"

Björn: "Kraut. Yeah, yeah. I know. I know."

DC: "Does that get us in trouble you call it Kraut rock and roll? Do they have... Is that bad to say, do you know?"

Benny: "No, I don't know."

DC: "We'll hear it from our German friends if it is. I didn't mean any disparaging."

Björn: "I think that's what they call it themselves now because..."

DC: "We're used seeing that music trade papers. But if you say something like that... In this country we're made up off so many different nationalities. We're very sensitive to our backgrounds. If you say anything at all that's Italian that isn't complimentary, you'll hear from the Italians. Or the Poles. Or the Jews. Or the blacks. Or the Chicanos. I mean, we have an amalgam."

BENNY: "Don't forget the Irish."

DC: "The Irish. Do people come from various parts of the world to settle in Sweden."

FRIDA: "Oh yes. From Germany and Yugoslavia. Italy. All over."

DC: "And you're not all blondes. See, we all thought you were blondes. Please, tell me about the next selection, Benny."

Benny: "It's our up-coming single after "SOS" It's called "I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do." And it's also on our album."

DC: "Ladies, would you take your spot up here."

Agnetha: "Thank you."

DC: "Björn, I'll see you over there. Ladies and gentlemen, again - ABBA."

("I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do" is performed)

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