American Bandstand

Season 12 Episode 47

Cat Mother & the All Night Newsboys

Aired Unknown Jul 26, 1969 on ABC

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  • Cat Mother was a very exciting band, and the first to play "American Bandstand" live! Jimi Hendricks produced their first Album, so you know they were something special!!! I want a copy of this episode!!!

    The drummer was amazing! And the best keyboard player still seems to be the best! The bass player looked like George Harrison. Very electric performance! "American Bandstand" was the only show COOL enough to catch this act live!!!!The song,"Good Old Rock and Roll" was a very catchy medley. It was sung with just about everyone in the band taking turns singing lead vocals. If I remember right, there were five songs covered in this Medley;Whole lotta shakin going on, Blue Suede Shoes, Party Doll, Shantiliy lace, Sweet little sixteen! ALL THAT in ONE SONG! "American Bandstand" indeed!What a rocking set! American Bandstand should be proud! AND--can I get a copy of this? PLEASE?