American Bandstand

Season 7 Episode 32

Freddy Cannon / The Bermudas (May 2, 1964)

Aired Unknown May 02, 1964 on ABC

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  • it really makes me mad.

    this episode was nerve wracking because it deals with a issue I have a hard time with .my mother .she is one of the original members of the Bermudas that appeared on band stand .her name is becky page . she was the youngest member of the group and to this day the prettiest .now the issue i have is that she has never seen a dime for all the singing or performing she did during those years , her step father at the time ,george motola ran his daughters into the ground and kept all the money for himself. that she is in her 50's and still has never seen any rewards for her work except seeing his kids get royalties for her and her sisters hard work .is the any justice left in this world.