American Bandstand

Season 13 Episode 25

Jackson 5 / Diana Ross & Supremes (on film)

Aired Unknown Feb 21, 1970 on ABC

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  • Every kid was waiting for this one...

    It was a Saturday, and the streets were mostly empty of young people. This was partly due to the winter temperature, but mostly because The Jackson 5ive were going to be on AB that day. The last time I had seen them was on \"The Ed Sullivan Show\" a few months or so earlier. This time they would be performing their new hit, \"ABC\" which was so popular at the time, that someone actually stole my 45 recording of it.

    They ended up performing \"I Want You Back\" then had an interview session with Dick Clark. They said they were into the Beatles (ugh). They performed \"ABC\" and at some point Michael did a sort of boogaloo dance routine. He was fantastic even then. AB also had something with The Supremes, but I think mostly the older teens were interested in that. After I went outside later in the day, it seemed as if every kid in the neighborhood was trying to do Michael\'s dance moves. I know *I* was!