American Bandstand

Season 25 Episode 29

Patrice Rushen / The Grass Roots

Aired Unknown May 29, 1982 on ABC

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  • We went to this show and I can still remember the whole thing. Rob and the Grass Roots were wonderful as always, the reason we went. He sounded great and still does to this day. His music will last forever! As will my love for him.

    Bandstand has always been a great show to catch the latest music and to watch for the latest dance moves. You could always count on Dick Clark to bring on the latest, most popular bands. There has never been a show to match this one. The reason I went to see the show was so I could see my all time favorite band, The Grass Roots. I have been a fan since 1966 when I first saw them on TV and heard their music on the radio. Fast forward 42 years and I'm still going to see them. That is the sign of a truly classic band.