American Bandstand

Season 7 Episode 45

The Premieres / Dale and Grace (August 1, 1964)

Aired Unknown Aug 01, 1964 on ABC

Episode Recap

Episode playlist:
--Opening credits with AB theme.
--Commercial: Clearasil
--dancers, record: "I Bet You're Gonna Like It" (Jerry Woodard)
--dancers, record: "C'Mon And Swim (Bobby Freeman)
--Commercial: promo for ABC folk series "Hootenanny"
--Top 10 countdown, record #1: "Wishin' and Hopin' (Dusty Springfield)
--dancers, record: "San Francisco Bay Blues" (The Nomads).
--Commercials: Cheerios & Kix
--Roll Call time: dancers gives their names and age.
--Commercials: White Rain hairspray & Tame Creme Rinse
--Performance: The Premieres - "Farmer John" and interview.
--dancers, record: "Sunny" (Neil Sedaka)
--Commercial: "Dietetic" Dr. Pepper
--Record Review (Rate-A-Record):
commercial: Scotch Brand Magic Mending Tape.
Record #1: "Baby, Baby All The Time" (The Superbs) 89.33%
Record #2: "Rosalee" (Shuggy Bo & Weavils)
--Commercial: promo for "ABC's Wide World of Sports."
--Dick Clark talks about an upcoming AB 7th anniversary special.
--dancers, record: "If A Man Answers" (Bobby Darin)
--Dick Clark talks about the "Caravan of Stars" tour.
--Commercial: promo for "Hollywood Palace" hosted by Groucho Marx.
--Commercial: PSA with Walter Brennan talking about the U.S. Olympic Team
--Performance: Dale and Grace - "Darling, It's Wonderful" and interview.
--Commercial: Certs breath mints.
--dancers, record: "Walk Don't Run '64" (The Ventures)
--commercial: Scotch Brand Magic Mending Tape
--Dick Clark announces upcoming shows/guests.
--AB closing credits.

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