American Bandstand

ABC (ended 1989)




  • Season 32 Episode 30: American Bandstand's 50th...

  • The following American Bandstand Dancers were at AMERICAN BANDSTAND 50TH REUNION:
    Hal Laws Landau, Linda Delia Gonzales, Robin Smith, Lisa Frazier, Danny Serber, Cindy Holliday, Carol Fracassa, Annette Scholz Schulte, Fred Vuittonet, Teri Stewart, Mike Vuittonet, Kevin Shoff, Bridget Christianson, Kregg Klein, David Larkin, Cheryl Serber, Louis Green, Louie Medina Aguilar, Tracy Vicente, Patrick David,Robin Rosen Roach, Chona, Louie Rodriquez, Laura Gonzales, Patrick Mitchell, Liz Wilhem Gordert, Danny Falcon, Martin Macareno, JoAnn Orgel, Lynn Kubicka-Dubban, Debi McKay Diaz, Scott Beasley, Mary Macareno, Art Saldana, Debbie Chaffin, John "Buddy" Hopkins, Christopher Lawerence, Sue Bowzer Reed, David Rossney, Mark Levy, Louie Novoa, Kathy Kegg Novoa, Joanee Apel, Mark Perry, Eddie Michaud, Lisa Medina, Robert Moreno, Anthony Novoa, Susan Mafrici Tamashiro, Gina Sprague, Bonnie Cortez Saldana, Cassandra Clark, Lisette St. Claire, Sue Young, Perla Aboulache, Steven "Famous" Hooks, Danny Munoz, Eric Hernandez, Sergio Lopez, Debbie Kindred, Jesse Stoker Lindell, Joe Thomas, Lydia Hernandez Moghaddam, Bobby Gonzales, Brad Joblin, Ed Kelly, Barbara Hehn Joblin, Barbara Allen, Jeanette Ulit Domingo, Geneva Walker, Laurel Garces, Sheri, Myla Martin, Kathleen "Bunny" Gibson, Mike Michaud, Mark Hatfield, Steve Schreiner, Delia De Coro, Angel Summer Goulet, Linda Blythe Lanning, Carol Mack Cooper, Linda Wong Hom, Rick Canje andErnie Ramirez .
    The above dancers were there for the 3 days of taping in Pasadena.

  • Season 31 Episode 14: Taylor Dayne / Chico DeBa...

  • What 1998 album and title track by Taylor Dayne was release by Universal Music Group Distribution?


    Naked Without You

  • Season 26 Episode 4: Lionel Richie / ABC

  • At the end of this show, Dick Clark announces next week's guests as Hall & Oates. Hall & Oates were the guests on the previous week's show (16-Oct-82).

  • Season 23 Episode 17: Shalamar / Twennynine wit...

  • This is the appearance where Jeffrey Daniels of Shalamar pulled out an umbrella, held it behind him, and did the "Moonwalk" around the dance floor during their performance of the song "Second Time Around." Everyone believes Michael Jackson invented the Moonwalk, but he actually didn't start performing it until 1984.

  • Season 12 Episode 52: Peaches & Herb / The Brot...

  • Herb stuck his foot through the light on one of the round stages so they had to retake and have them stand in front of the stages.

  • Season 10 Episode 10: The Count Five (November ...

  • Next Week (Nov. 19, 1966):
    American Bandstand was pre-empted for NCAA Football (a Pre-Game show, followed by Notre Dame vs. Michigan State). A second football game (USC Trojans vs. UCLA Bruins) began around 4:00pm Eastern.

  • Season 3 Episode 152: AB-704: Dee Clark

  • There was probably a guest host on this day. According to newspaper reports, Dick Clark was in Washington appearing before the House committee investigating payola charges.

  • Season 2 Episode 250: AB-543: Terri Dean

  • 'JelsaPalao' submitted the following:

    Hi... My name is Jelsa Palao now...I used to be Terri Dean and I'm the one who sang Adonis on the Dick Clark's American Bandstand back in 1959. Yes, I'm still alive and singing!! I live in Los Angeles now. I became friends with Frankie Avalon and Fabian through American Bandstand. We did some performing together. Frank & I recorded together and Fabian & I both worked Lake Tahoe opposite each other. Nice guys, both of them. This particular episode of American Bandstand can't be found in the archives. I've been trying to locate it. I've also been trying to get a copy of "Adonis"...when my father died, I lost all my old recordings. Can't find "Your Heart's not Made of Wood" either. I'll keep looking!

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