American Bandstand

ABC (ended 1989)




  • Season 2 Episode 250: AB-543: Terri Dean

  • 'JelsaPalao' submitted the following:

    Hi... My name is Jelsa Palao now...I used to be Terri Dean and I'm the one who sang Adonis on the Dick Clark's American Bandstand back in 1959. Yes, I'm still alive and singing!! I live in Los Angeles now. I became friends with Frankie Avalon and Fabian through American Bandstand. We did some performing together. Frank & I recorded together and Fabian & I both worked Lake Tahoe opposite each other. Nice guys, both of them. This particular episode of American Bandstand can't be found in the archives. I've been trying to locate it. I've also been trying to get a copy of "Adonis"...when my father died, I lost all my old recordings. Can't find "Your Heart's not Made of Wood" either. I'll keep looking!

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